Birthday Barn Burner

Thanks for the birthday wishes and to Chuck for the birthday, er… show.  Another great birthday show was was last night at the Capitals/Lightning game!

Points for all – except the big names.  Each team had 10 players on the score sheet, without contributions from Ovi, Backstrom, Green, Semin (until the shootout), Stamkos, St. Louis or Lecavalier.  (In his defense, Nicky B was  everywhere – he’s going to bust out with a ton of goals any minute now.)   But Tomas Vokoun couldn’t stop a mail cart coming through the crease and Roloson was only slightly better.  It went to overtime at 5-5 where the Capitals took an incredibly dumb too-many-men bench minor ever – during overtime!  WTH?!  We were on the edge of our seats.

But just then, Vokoun figured out the secret of life.  He stopped 4 Stamkos slapshots inside of a minute and Gator was losing her mind in the upper deck.  The Caps killed the penalty, went to a shootout and won on goals from Hendricks and Sasha Fierce.  I thought the Verizon Center was going to come down around us.  It’s only October! People are that excited!

Sasha, so excited after his shoot-out ender…

In the post-game, Vokoun said the team “won without goaltending.”  That’s pretty fresh.  I’d rather you make some saves but at least you’re candid. It wasn’t pretty but it sure was exciting.  And the Caps are in Pittsburgh on Thursday night… my couch,  7 PM.

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  1. Kitkat Reply

    I thought I was going to have a serious heart attack… I hate OT and shootouts even more. Thank god the Caps pulled a W and I didn’t fall out of my seat due to excitement.