This Time of Year

The moment you’ve all been waiting for has almost arrived.

It's so close I can taste it!

The NHL 2011-2012 season kick off tomorrow, and it’s about damned time.  We’re are packed and ready to go:

Pants survived a pre-season crisis at the Capitals/Blackhawks game when she felt compelled to cheer for the Caps.  Over the Hawks.  Tazer/Kaner vs. Nicky/Mikey?  This is like Sophie’s Choice.  We predict only more Twilight-style fangirl pain for her this year.

"But she said she would be here." "Well I don't see her either!"

Chuck changed her middle name to ‘DefendingStanleyCupChamps,’  then went back and had it misspelled so Marchand would not feel so alone.  (If we had to see fifty photos of the mistake, they could have at least made it on Seguin’s stomach.)  She also changed her ringtone to “Welcome to Boston, Loozah!”

Spelled right, but could be lower.

Dawn made return address labels featuring a picture of Kris Letang from the ASG.  Really, we just got one in the mail.

Pour moi?

Gator bought out all the Captain American Dunkin’ Donuts and finally gave into the iCarly charisma.  Goldfish crackers and Slurpees for everyone at their wedding.

Addressing invitations for the Big Day.

How are you guys feeling after a long, hot summer?  Any admission/confessions you’d like to get out now before the season starts?  So we can rag on you later?

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