Breaking New$ For Number $, I mean #8

LA Kings just ended the stalemate with hottie Mc Hottieton Drew Doughty – $ years, I mean 8 years for $56 million donuts, I mean dollars.

That means Drew can buy 56,565,656 diet cokes at $.99 each. Or 32,000,000 cupcakes at $1.75 each. Or 12,444,4444 4×4 at IN N OUT at $4.50 each.

Now that I’ve done my higher math for the evening, that should keep DDTBG not only closer to God, but the fast food peeps rolling in dough, pardon the pun, for at least $, I mean 8 more years.

Drew baby, you are totes PWNING DA NOOBS tonight!

Drew Doughty got $ AND Hops!

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  1. MelTing Reply

    Dawn, you always get the scoop first! Did he phone you with the good news?

    The best part of this deal for me is that I can stop searching for Doughty news on Twitter and reading news from morons who spell “doubt” as “dought.”

  2. Drew Doughty is 21?!?!? WTF?

    This is distressing.

  3. Dawncherrie Reply

    Why yes he is only 21 and now making bigger bucks than Anze Kopitar. And Mel, I wish Drew called me but I have to give some props to Mr. Cherrie. I was downstairs making out with one of my cats when he told me. Sweet Moe is a need some momma time! LOL!

  4. MelTing Reply

    Why Dawn, you love cats, DD and hockey? We could be soulmates, except would I have to start adoring Ovie, too? Challenging.

    And I looked back at your posts, I predicted TBG would sign before the regular season, so I was right! What do I win? A Mr. Big bar, perhaps?

  5. Cassy Reply

    So inbetween all of the random words I am guessing the TBGDD LAK signing saga is over, right, and he’s staying with the team?