I Said This How Many Weeks Ago – Drew?

I need my West Coast honey … You turned down a rumored 9 years /61.2 million. That would buy you a Krispy Kreme Franchise! OK – Tim Hortons – you could re-name it Doughty’s Donut Holes. I don’t care. Just sign. I know you don’t want to be tied down, well, not in that sense, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more, my little hip shaker! But why all that training and diet coke drinking over the summer if you aren’t planning on playing? So please, I’m waiting for you to fill my cream puff – NOW. TYVM.

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  1. MelTing Reply

    Ack! I have only two more days to be right about DD signing before training camp! But have you ever been in a relationship where the guy says “I want you to do all the cooking, cleaning, income-earning, plus look hot and be constantly available sexually while I go out with my buddies every night and fool around on the side?”
    Of course NOT, because that’s a little one-sided. And yet that’s what Dean Lombardi apparently thinks is okay:

    Bob McKenzie on Twitter today:
    LAK adamant on 2 things with Doughty: deal needs to be at least 7 years long and cannot be more than $6.8M, same salary as Kopitar.

    Deano, it’s called a negotiation because both sides give a little. If neither side is completely happy that’s what we call…marriage!

  2. Dawncherrie Reply

    I love you MelTing. I heard he wants a one year contract so he can get out. So we shall see. Evidently this is not making him happy and we all know an unhappy drew is a crabby drew. So let’s hope he doesn’t drown himself in IN N OUT burgers, milkshakes and Raspberry filled donuts because then we’d have to do an intervention! But I’d still love him.

    • If I were going to drown myself in something, IN N OUT Burgers would be near the top of the list.