Break out your Nautical Themed Pashmina Afghan.

This summer’s been pretty awesome for the Bruins. Winning the Stanley Cup pretty much guarnetees that.

The celebration tour has taken the Cup all over the world, but one place it’s been quite a bit this summer is…


Nautical themed pashmina afghans and flippy floppys for EVERYONE!

Stanley has more than earned his sea legs these last few months.

So, where’s he been exactly?

Well, he was…
At Niagara Falls – ON A BOAT! (Daniel Paille)
At the Jersey Shore – ON A BOAT! (Dennis Seidenberg)
In Vancouver – ON A BOAT! (Milan Lucic)
In the Welland Canal – ON A BOAT! (Adam Creighton, Bs Scout)

But you know what boat we REALLY want to see Stanley on? This one.

With Seguin and Marchand too.


Kings of the world, on a boat like Leo.


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