Tweet, Tweet Love

I promise before the season starts, we’ll do a whole list of players and personalities that you guys should be following on Twitter.  Can we take a moment to appreciate the Tweet Beauty of Ryan Whitney?

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  1. Former Terrier, btw.

    GO BU!

  2. Hey guy in front me, just because you’re buying them at whole foods doesn’t mean the frozen chocolate covered doughnuts are healthy. I love that.

  3. I love him so much!!!

  4. The guy is full of gems – some other beauties:

    “I knew it was gonna be a long flight when I sat down and girl next to me said ‘oh cool headphones! I have same ones but mine are red, Nuts!'”

    “Cool, but they’re completely out of their minds. RT @Paneech Team 1260 in Edmonton say if you stay healthy you can get 65 points next year.”

    “Vicious traffic is so much better when you have a hot girl in the car next to you. #sunglassesnowon”

    “Great view of Boston Harbor from our table at new Legal Seafood in South Boston. Woman in yellow dress top left helps.”


  5. Deanna Reply

    Love him! He’s one of my favorite Twitter personalities. I definitely replied to the one about cutting off female drivers and told him that it was a terrible idea.