Caps for the Cup?

The Hockey News has predicted the Washington Capitals will win the 2011-12 Stanley Cup.  We feel Dawn’s hand in this.

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I admit this wouldn’t make me as sad as it used to.  Once clear of whatever round involves the Penguins, I would cheer for the Caps.  Dawn would visit, and make signs.  Gator and I would cut work for the parade, buy scooters and honk at everyone.  (Unless they faced the Blackhawks.  Then I’d get pelted with debris in the Verizon Center because my red #19 shirt doesn’t say “Backstrom.”  Sorry Nicky.)

What do you think?  Is this the future of the coming season?

Note: This article does not even mention Mike Green’s name.  I am offended.

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  1. Didn’t everyone say that last year too? And look what happened…*

    * Asterisk here because I realize I cheered for the Hawks and Pens. And we all know what happened there.

    This comment could also be because I’m severely jealous of the prediction.Dawn will totes have a heart attack if Ovi gets to lift the cup.

    • Dawn, be honest, what kind of sacrifices are you making here? Does is involve human sacrifice or did you just go ahead and make that voodoo doll of Sid you always wanted to to and that’s why he’s got all those symptoms again… 😉

  2. Dawncherrie Reply

    You have no idea … mahahahaha! Actually … nothing. I don’t have to. Sheer talent and GMGM and it all goes by itself. Amazaballs actually. But I’d rather Ovi lift me than the Cup. 🙂