Hot or Not?

Chuck spent some quality time with Brent Burns this past weekend so I gotta ask, Hot or Not with his new tat? You make the call. Because I know if Pants wasn’t married already, this would be her DREAM BOY! Photo courtesy of Puck Daddy.

BTW – his comment when asked about the fresh ink, “Hogwarts looks fun!” Um …. Brent, I hate to break it to you but it ain’t a real place. The Easter Bunny isn’t either and  the Tooth Fairy, well, yes she is because hockey players made her real like the Velveteen Rabbit. So keep putting those teeth under your pillow at night, big boy. It pays the rent.

that's pretty much forever dude ...

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  1. I’m thrilled to see you tagged this with Pants Loves.

    Seriously? This is what happens when hillbillies have too much money. This makes Greener’s sleeve look like a work of art.

  2. Cassy Reply

    Let him explain it to his wife/kids/in-laws 🙂

  3. Wait. Are you SERIOUS about that tattoo? I am speechless, for possibly the first time ever.

  4. Seriously Pissed Reply

    What’s worse – the subject matter, or the shitty way it was rendered? I can’t decide.

    • I think it is both…

  5. dawncherrie Reply

    Pants … I know you are jealous but there is still time you to geta matching one.

    • This would clash with the huge Weasley family crest I have tattooed across my back.

  6. Pants DOES NOT love!

    That think can’t be real…can it? Surely not. That is just…oh I don’t even know.

    Next time my brother aka Tank is hanging out with Burnzie, I’ll ask him to confirm.

  7. Katrina Reply

    It looks real. It also looks like I did the tattoo. I’ve never created a tattoo before, nor can I draw. I imagine mine would actually look better.

    What a waste of good skin.

    gosh, this is soo my favorite website!