Swedish Summertime

If you’d like to spend your Friday watching Nicky B, you’re in luck.  Bonus if you speak Swedish or mumbling.  He has such nice eyes.

Interview Video 1 and Video 2.  Fair warning: There isn’t any smiling, as he obviously misses Mike.  It makes me wanna:

Our pal @raedanda found this on Twitter – MUCH better.  Someone tell me how this thing stays afloat as Nicky demonstrates the appropriate length and plaid in this season’s Swedish swim trunks.

Posted by Nicky's brother Krisstofer (@kbackstrom85)


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  1. raedanda Reply

    Oh, you cut off the lovely, hairy legs on the bottom of the picture! Hahahah!!

    I love how Nicky looks like he’s having soooo much fun! But man, those guns. Those GUNS.


  2. Thanks to video 1, I know know that Poang means points in Swedish. I still want the bouncy chair though :D.

    IN other news, it’s nice to know that Nicky’s hair is now long enough again to…

    • raedanda Reply

      Oooh! There’s my sassy Cassy! 😉

  3. Jem Reply

    Daniel Sedin is in the backround of the 2nd video. . . just saying. =D

  4. AB Reply

    My Swedish friend watched those videos, apparently Nicky is talking about the playoffs and how he needs to play better and no excuses etc no wonder why he isn’t smiling. She translated a similar recent interview of him if you are looking for a Nicky fix:


    More Nicky updates and pics:

  5. dawncherrie Reply

    Those are much better than speedos. Although …. hummmm. 🙂