These are not the Pants you're looking for.

The only thing Ovi loves more than a party?  Sweatpants.

He attended the birthday of Russian singer/actor Andrei Grigoriev-Apollo in his best duds.  No wonder Dawn loves him.

Things we love: If you Google “Ovechkin sweatpants,” this photo of Dawn’s rear end makes the top search results.

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  1. Ugh…who wears sweatpants to a fancy party?

    He’s so creepy.

  2. Cya Reply

    Dawn! Your rear is famous!

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    That’s right … Move over Pippa Middleton! Dawn’s ass is here! Where’s my website?! Do you know how many free starbuck’s coffee’s those sweatpants have gotten me? MONEY baby! OVI=LOVE BTW – he looks HAWT in those photos … GOD I LOVE HIM. Can’t wait for 9/25 happy birthday post again!

  4. I am going to refrain from posting the actual comment that comes to mind on Ovi’s duds, seeing as next year I will only be 2 hours away from impending doom i.e. Dawn being able to lay the hurt on as I will be in BC…

    • dawncherrie Reply

      Can’t wait! HAHAHAHAH!