Move Closer to the Screen

Sportchek’s new Crosby commercials are out!  Can I please live in Canada?  I believe it’s a magical place where things like this really happen… starring Sid as himself and an 8-year old kid as me.  Here’s the link – it’s even in French. 😉

Here’s the second one [link].  We miss his adorkableness something awful.

And the new SC87 gear advert.  JUST TAKE ALL OUR MONEY.

Intern Jeff Skinner isn’t going to be happy spending all day entering us into this:

Here’s the contest link.  You have to be Canadian to enter (that’s racist!), but you win for 4 people.  So you’ll take us, right?  We’ll even get to the ‘Burgh on our own, you can sleep across our empty seats on the plane.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Two words: oh Jesus.

    Stop doing this to me Pants!

    That commercial is on YouTube. Betcha. Love his whole salesman thing rawr.

  2. Little kid… I totally feel you. In fact, you handled it far better than I would. I’m sure I would either keel over and die, or do highly inappropriate things to him… at least things that are inappropriate for a sporting goods store.

  3. I’ve just been under the impression that he’s been unable to do anything since January, so this kills me. Come back to us, Cappy. The people at Dick’s are starting to look at me weird when I go in to leave sacrifices at the ZigTech display.