Shirt of My Life

The lovely @alliknode brought this to our attention.  Shirt of My Life indeed, even over Nicky Backstrom’s “Your Girlfriend Loves to Wear My Hockey Jersey” one.

I actually had a shirt that said PANTS back when Chuck and I both lived in LA… there are some photos, but thanks to questionable hair styles of the early ’00’s, you will probably never see it.  People asked about my PANTS shirt all the time.  I also had one that said TANGUAY, but no one ever asked about that.  I guess they already knew.

I went to an Annoying T-Shirt party once, and I won first place for my “Mmmbop” shirt.  That’s all it said.  Try not to sing it.  My only regret is that Geno got to this one first:

Haha, when I Googled this picture, I got my own post Dammit, Geno (Episode One)!  Once again proving that only we care about this stuff.


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