I Gotta Go Where It's Warm

This is old news by now, but things are busy around the WUYS offices with Vespa lessons and all the Swedish we’re learning.

Steven 1 and Steven 2 (Yzerman and Stamkos, obvs) did a press conference last week [video] about Stammer’s 5-year contract in which Yzerman said:

Well OBVIOUSLY. What did you think we were gonna do?

And Stamkos said:

I love everyone. Puppies and rainbows and cupcakes. Wait, I'm not allowed to have cupcakes. Unicorns, then.

Seriously, Steven Stamkos is the happiest person on Earth.  He always looks like he’s going to burst out laughing. And I’m right there with the mad giggles on a trip to Laugh Land, even if his hair is too long.

So Stammer will be in Tampa Bay forever, score 2.5 million goals and never get a tan.  Status quo is safe for another day.  Now excuse me while I try to make Gator faint. [Full photo gallery at Lightning.NHL.com]

And since his name is Shannon too, here’s Ryan Shannon’s first interview as a Bolt [link].  This team is Fox News, eh?  Every time they announce something, it’s suspiciously attractive.  Perhaps Mrs. Yzerman is really calling the shots (and we like it).

WUYS bonus points if you know what the title of this post references!


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  1. Cassy Reply

    Well no bonus points for me, but go where it’s warm? The only place warmer would be in an oven and I’m not entirely sure right now that it WOULD be hotter. Only a room filled with my favorite boys 😀

  2. I don’t think he will ever get a tan, and he wouldn’t look right with one anyway.

    • Marcy Reply

      Agreed. But I like his hair a bit long. In fact, he can do whatever he wants with his hair and I’ll still love him forever and ever.

      • I can take or leave the hair. But the BEARD – that’s another story. Mmmmmmmmmm-mmmmmmmm. Delish!

  3. Veronica Reply

    I gotta go where it’s warm…Jimmy Buffett

    Knew Ryan Shannon when he played in the minors for the Portland Pirates…he was just as cute then!

    • Veronica, you are hired.

  4. Veronica Reply

    WOOO! See my post under Blackhawks weekend