Blackhawks Weekend

This weekend’s breaking news: Jonathan Toews brought a girl to a baseball game.  Even the Chicago sports announcers were fangirling.

In a related story, it wasn’t us.

We’re not going to post photos of Jon’s date – let’s not be those girls.  Plus Intern Jeff Skinner reads this blog and we’re not sure he can handle it.  You can Google her if you like.  Suffice to say that Kaner is *really* jealous somewhere in Upstate NY.

What we will post is the fantastic work of Roving Reporter Veronica from the 2011 Blackhawks Convention.

Kaner rocking the tan and that salmon shirt.

Mike Green is jealous of this.

My dentist is jealous.

Veronica obviously had a great time.  She says the Hawks Convention is a must for any fan… which clearly means us.  WUYS road trip next year.  And that Chicago pizza… we may never leave.  Veronica lives in Raleigh and has ‘Canes season tickets, so she’ll also be keeping an eye on Intern Jeff Skinner for us.  Don’t let him drink the Mexicola, it gives him the giggles.

And now, for the Best Photo Award.  How could you not want this face to lead you to victory?

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  1. GAH!

    Are you actively trying to keel me, Patrick Sharp?

    Because it is working..

  2. Kudos to you for the classiness re: the lady Jon brought to the baseball game. People are freakin’ and I think it’s good that Cappy is taking a girl on dates! Our little boy’s growing up, ladies. Dawncherrie herself said her summer wish for Tazer was for him to get laid – I agree. Job well done, Johnny.

    But anyways – back to the convention. Veronica, you’re my hero. These photos….sigh. The weekend was an UNBELIEVABLE fangirl overload – including when Patrick Sharp convince JToews to tap his own bum. EEEEK! Video found here, forward to the 40 minute mark:

    Plus JOEY was at the convention! Love this guy – what a ham!

    Is it October yet??

  3. Le sigh… This team. LORDY this team. That’s it. I’m getting a shirt and wearing it in enemy territory. IS IT NOVEMBER 16TH YET?!?!

    Also, that is the most precious derp ever. Nice camera work 😛 (And I’m totally one of the ones freakin’… Guilty as charged! But honestly. She’s objectively orange.)

  4. Veronica Reply

    I had so much fun taking these pics! I was elated to see this post…thanks for all the props! The derp photo came at the end of JT telling a story about how him and Kaner had gotten into it on the bench because Kaner wouldn’t pass JT the puck. He finally did, JT scores, and we end up with that face as he tells Kaner, “I told you so…” Of course JT’s response wasn’t as cordial so I kept it G-rated for Jeff Skinner and our “younger” readers.

    I have a ton more photos from the All-star game (including several of intern Jeff Skinner) that you guys are more than welcome to use. How can I get them to you?

    I think we need to send Intern Jeff Skinner on a mission to find some Chicago deep dish pizza…I would so give him bite-size snickers if he did…

  5. MYGOD Patrick Sharp. This offseason has *almost* made me forget how insanely beautiful you are…