He's Having My Baby!

my baby is incubating in 100 proof vodka!

So the internet is all a buzz about Ovi’s ‘baby belly’, ‘beer belly’, ‘baby bump’ what evs. SRSLY. He did an interview for the Capitals 365 and he gets hated on for sitting there? Let’s talk about the guy sitting next to him. Can he get out of the 70’s with that hair? What about the necklace? Leif Garrett called, he wants it back! But it’s not necessary.

If you turned the camera around on anyone of us, I highly doubt we’d pass the test of washboard ab-fabulous. And quite honestly, not really seeing it. He’s a big boy. We all know that at 6′ 2″ and almost 250. He flies like a freight train at you but can stop on a dime. His slap shot is deadly, his accuracy is maddening.  I dare these people to say it to his face. His HOT, BEAUTIFUL FACE!

excuse me but is it getting hot in here?

And because of this, yes, I am using this an excuse to flash mob you with pictures of his gorgeous half-naked body. Because no one loves to flaunt his Rubin-esque physique like Ovi!

oh baby, baby, baby ...

And truth be told – I totally put a baby in it. Yep – I did it. That is boy is mine!

I put a baby in that. Yes, I did!

You can't mess with perfection. Must love dogs & cats too.

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  1. NYRFan Reply

    My day is now complete…shirtless Ovi 🙂

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I love you! 🙂

  2. Cassy Reply

    That’s technically a liquid grain storage facility. And Ovi like totes has a tramp stamp.

    Can we not have semi-naked LePretty instead? I’d like me some hot shirtless Tanger. Dawn? Can you oblige


    ** Not over Ovi. Thought I’d better MAKE THAT CLEAR

    • Seriously Pissed Reply

      WHY is Letang so shy? Seriously. Guy never takes his damned shirt off. Why bother getting a huge tattoo on your arm if you’re always going to cover it up?

      Also, ha ha ha, tramp stamp.

  3. The only reason I’d ever want to live in China – they probably censor this stuff out.

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    Just look at those guns, girls! *sigh* …. I mean really. Even Mr. Cherrie LOVES those guns. lock and load PLS.

  5. Seriously Pissed Reply

    While you’re not going to win me over into thinking he’s hot any time soon, I will say that your posts about Ovi have made me hate him slightly less.

    Speaking of Russians – have you guys seen the video of Malkin swimming with Gonchar?