Mikey Monday: A Little Bit Country

Late again!  My home internet has been out since Sunday.  How did people live?  We spent the holiday weekend making flint arrowheads and counting on an abacus.

Mike did a long interview with Fan 960 Radio in Calgary last week.  He talks about his Vespa(s?), Nicky B in a cowboy hat and pokes fun at Ovi and Sasha.  And the Washington Post guys made a little fun of Mike right back. [link]

Mike Radio Interview  

from tumblr.com

Stampede is this weekend, let’s hope for some sloppy Twitter photo posting, eh?  Yeehaw.

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  1. Lindsay Reply

    Either that or maybe Mike will be lining up with thousands of other Calgarians to get wristbands to see William and Kate! They’re here on Thursday and Friday – it’s as famous as Calgary’s gonna get.

  2. Cassy Reply

    I spotted the sneaky little “eh” you popped in there at the end. 10/10 you clever little Fauxnadian you!

    Poor baby – no being able to google pics of Fidget’s hair :(. That’s almost as bad as LBCP.

    *life before cell phones