We Make Up with Max

Oh Max.  I cannot stay mad at you.  I needed a day to cool off and now I just want to hug you and say everything will be okay, except for that hideous sweater you’ll have to wear.  But your Christmas sweater was a good warm-up.  If anyone could pull off nuclear orange, it’s you.

Max did an interview with the Pittsburgh Tribune Review [link] and said:

I don’t want to be thought of as a traitor. I know it’s emotional for fans for me to be leaving for the Flyers, but I hope I’ll still have some support. It’s going be tough for fans to accept.

And while we’re at it, we have a hug for Geno too.

On Evgeni Malkin’s reaction:

“I just texted him (Saturday) about this, but when he heard last week that I wasn’t going to be a Penguin anymore he sent me a text that was so Geno. It just said, ‘Why?

We’ll miss you, Max.  Don’t you dare have as much fun in Philly as you did with the Pens.

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  1. Ashley Reply

    Nnnnooooo! Don’t leave don’t leave don’t leave. I believe I now have to curl up into a ball in the corner of the room and cry. Excuse me.

  2. Seriously Pissed Reply

    Didn’t that interview break your heart? Poor Max. You could tell he didn’t really want to go. I will still be nice to him even when he’s playing for the evil, evil Flyers.

  3. Lindsay Reply

    I’m still not there. I’m not about the hating, and if I’ve demonstrated less than exemplary behaviour, how un-Canadian of me. I DO feel bad for the way he’s leaving the city – that’s super hard. I fear for his dad’s safety now whenever he wear’s Max’s jersey – either in Philly or the ‘Burgh. And I’ll officially never watch this season’s 24/7 again – too many memories.

    • Seriously Pissed Reply

      Next year’s 24/7 will be great though. I wasn’t that excited, but now Talbot and Rupp will be on again. And that Jagr guy.