Good work, Captain Duck.

Yesterday, seven-time All-Star (and former U of Maine Black Bear) Paul Kariya retired.

Kariya had 402 goals and 989 points in 989 career games and played for 15 years.

He probably could have played longer…were it not for that pesky little villain all hockey fans HATE…the concussion.

Kariya didn’t play at all last season as he attempted to recover and his announcement yesterday got me thinking – Is Marc Savard next?

Got to get you into my life.

I perish the thought but the harsh reality is that it could happen.  But I don’t wants it to happen!  

With every fiber of my body I want Savvy to come back in October refresh, ready, and symptom-free to take his place with the Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins.

But I just don’t know if that is going to happen.  And that makes me one sad panda.

Pants knows how I’m feeling about all this.  She’s patiently waiting for Sidney to recover, leave the comfy confines of Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia and make his way back to da ‘Burgh and the love fest that is the Pittsburgh Penguins organization.

"And this trophy was from when I won scored 3,629 goals for my Midget AAA team..."

Until then, we’ll just wait all night…by this hedge…

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  1. Can I just get a moment for how much I love Paul Kariya? He rocked that old Ducks uni like it was nobody’s business. I will miss him. Sad Pants.

  2. Lindsay Reply

    Awww, baby Sid! Look at how adorable he is. Can’t believe that’s already been 6 years. Ahh, memories. 🙂