Our Friends Party with the NHL

Loyal WUYS correspondents @jfrancesw and @chialo managed not to get arrested last night at the NHL Awards party.  And they took a photo just for me!  I fangirlled right out of my socks.

"Skinner and Stamkos! (especially for @shan_apolis)"

What could top that, you ask?  @jfrancesw and the man himself.

Man of the Hour

I should definitely be at an open bar party with Jeff Skinner.  Can you hear me now, talking about intern interviews and Mexi-Colas?  I’ll wear a wire so you can all witness it.  Somehow @chialo managed not to faint when meeting Disco Dan.  I would be dead.

Classy coach is classy.

Then Jonathan Toews made an appearance at the party, just to make sure no one was left alive.  Thank you for sharing your pictures with us!  You look so composed, we are proud.  And insanely jealous and planning next year’s trip right now.  Meet us there?

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  1. Lindsay Reply

    Deep breaths….Omigod. I had no idea I’d be this fangirl freakout over the awards. Srsly – Jonathan Toews was at this party?? I’m equal parts horrified there’s no photos and feeling faint. Whew…..

    I’m so hopped up from the awards that I’ll have to wait to comment on the overall Awards post. Damn you, Pants for including that hawt pic of JT. Now I’ve got to keep working for the rest of the day?? Jeez.

    This is the last year that Vegas is guaranteed to have the awards – apparently they’re looking into LA or NYC as possible options for 2012. Wherever it is, I’m in for next year – I’ll follow Tazer wherever he goes. This is an illness for sure.

  2. The composure is an illusion, I assure you. Also, it should be noted that Jeff Skinner does not touch girls. He poses with his hand clenched into a fist and holds his arm at least 6″ away. Tried to sneak a pic from the side when he was posing with Jennifer Beals. Cutest thing EVER. Such a good boy. (*cough Tyler Seguin I’m looking your way cough*)

    Also, Toews didn’t show to this classy party, but he did hold court at the after-after party at the club later that night. He was remarkably well behaved despite being surrounded by women who were, erm… (no kind words). And also his friends are really hot. I did not get a picture (save for a blurry, indistinguishable one) because I was too busy dying a million fangirl deaths. I rubbed elbows with him. Not figuratively, my elbow literally bumped his elbow. DEATH. He. Is. So. Beautiful. Spectacular. Phenomenal. So much so that he completely nullified the fact that Jon Hamm was also at this party. That’s right, I said it.

    Pants – we are so on for next year. I’m already packed.

    • Lindsay Reply

      This makes my entire life. Tazer is hot AND has hot friends? I don’t even know what to say. And you actually rubbed elbows with him? And he’s hotter than Jon Hamm in person? These details are making my brain malfunction. You are my hero.

      • Haha – thanks. But if you saw the mess I was, I can assure you I wouldn’t be your hero. I took three hours of being smushed by a mob of groupies and finally he came to the edge of his booth and I accidentally on purpose backed into him. WORTH IT. And yes, while Jon Hamm is undoubtedly HANDSOME YEARS-OLD, Toews… Toews… Is BEWITCHING.

  3. Thought those pictures are fantabulous, I have something completely unrelated. Apparently someone updated Brad Marchand’s wiki page but the edit was promptly removed. But because the internet is glorious someone snagged a screen shot of it before it was taken down http://i.imgur.com/l0jeh.jpg

    • MelTing Reply

      The first hockey news that has made me happy in a week! Thank you Shi!

  4. Oh! And let it be known that Toews likes terribl (-y awesome) pop music. Totally caught him singing along to Katy Perry and Britney. It is IMPOSSIBLE for me to love him more. I cried actual tears.

    • He would have loved my wedding. Non-stop pop, pants-off dance off. He will be invited next time. 😉

      • I will bring him as my date!

        Okay, I really need to stop joking about that because it KIND OF breaks my heart. He is perfection.

  5. Cassy Reply

    And all I managed last year was a few drinks with the Bruins coaches in Belfast. Sigh.

    I’m so in. Might need forward planning, but let’s pack our best frocks.

    Am uber awed by the fact you guys were AT this party (looking stunning I might add). Wow. Kudos!!!

  6. On a final note, I think it’s hilarious that the twitterverse (okay it was really just @stache16) was all like “I want to be in Cory Perry’s entourage tonight!” but from where I was standing, Cory Perry and Bobby Ryan’s booth was a bit of a sausage party. Perry could walk around without being molested. Toews’s entourage was getting ALL the play. ALL of it.

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