Small Hockey Hands & Other Stuff.

Pants mentioned small hands the other day and it reminded me of this brilliant SNL skit from a few years ago. Enjoy!

Also, I ran across this photo of Ovi and the girl hitching a ride looks like Chuck! Excuse me Chuck but that is MY MAN! I think you protest too much!

I knew it ... you love him too!

And simply because I used to wear this shirt like, OK, 20 years ago I couldn’t resist posting. Sometimes Peter Pan can’t grow up.

do they or do they not look like they got caught being naughty?

Um and if Sasha Fierce is 6’2″ – I’m a successful high fashion model with 36-24-36 measurements, weight 120 lbs, am 5’10 (actually am) and a real blonde with a real rack. But nice tan and Russian flo-bee; big hands too. 😉

And lastly, guess this adorable tot who grew into an AWESOME NHL player! And I’m not tagging the photo. Just try and guess for fun and since it’s me, it should be easy.

favorite player was Wayne Gretzy - that's the only hint you get and no googling.

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  1. Laurel Reply

    If I remember correctly, that girl is Sasha’s niece. Does Chuck have any Russian family? Because she might want to look into that…

    • I am Polish and you know us Slavic people all sort of look alike. 🙂

  2. I know who the player is, of course, and how sad is it that I’ve already seen this photo? Let’s just say that his parents would be taking him for a snack after the game. And more currently, his agent is negotiating with Dean Lombardi as we speak.

  3. DawnCherrie Reply

    Negotiating!?!?!?! NOT TO MOVE! OH DEAR GOD! I just hope for more money!Isn’t he adorbs! I knew you’d know! Winner Winner Cheese Burger Dinner and donuts and Cupcakes for everyone! hahahahah!

  4. Negotiating for mega-dollars, of course. Then it’s cheeseburgers & donuts for everyone!

  5. Seriously Pissed Reply

    I love Ovi’s Cookie Monster shirt. It’s cracking me up. And also I am now craving cookies.

  6. DawnCherrie Reply

    Me too but on Ovi’s chest with some ice cold milk … OBVIOUSLY I am missing some 24/7 and some hockey other than the SC play offs. Kesler is just not doing it for me.

  7. Rest assured that would never…never ever ever ever want to get a piggy back ride from Ovechkin. Never.

  8. Why does Sasha look like a blond,hot, tall Michael J Fox in that picture?

  9. mr. cherrie Reply

    my first thought was john denver…rip

  10. dawh cherrie Reply

    Oh Chuck, I know you want a piggy back ride on Sasha but your secret is safe with me! 😉