Double Down (sorry, I had to)

This headline came up: ChumLee of “Pawn Stars,” Mike Green… at Surrender Nightclub

I *so* wanted this to be a photo of Mike with ChumLee.  Maybe riding in that ’86 Buick Regal that Chum bought.  Instead… it’s not.  I love how Vegas gets the NHL Awards every year, Bettman wants to give them a team and this site can’t bother to choose the correct spelling of Capitals. – Surrender Night Club Party

He means "piece" not "peace."

I freaking love Vegas.  We really should all be going to the awards.  Next year, next year.

Please check out the caption of the photo below Mike’s – you never want to be the one referred to as “shiny blue shirt.”

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  1. This explains why I haven’t been able to locate Fidget riding around Calgary on his scooter or Escalade.

    Seriously, Greener needs a lesson on how to do his hair. Mike, have a chat with Patrick Sharp and Max Talbot. They’ll be able to share their style tips.

  2. Lisa Reply

    Nice!!! Enjoy your time and NO EXCUSES in the Fall!

  3. I’m going to the Awards this year (oh, have I not mentioned that enough yet? OMG. 16 sleeps.)… I’ll provide a full report. That is if I don’t burst into fangirl tears and spend all my time running away from the handsome men in suits.

    • Jess, can you please live Tweet the awards?? We need ro live vicariously through you.

    • Seriously…SO jealous, but detail them endlessly for us.

  4. Yes, let’s go next year. All of us. After Sid has a record-breaking return season.

    • Brittany for President.

  5. I need to get an iPhone before I go… live tweeting with my numeric key pad may be difficult. Or I can just make my friend do it for me 😉