Back Nine

Everyone say thanks to Linsday for this video of Jonathan Toews growing out his hair.  Oh, and talking about the Winnipeg NHL Redux.  He wants them to be called the Jets.  I bet he’s got some vintage WPJ sheets for a single bed, complete with matching curtains and trash can.


Attention Chuck: Colin Wilson is playing in this golf tournament.  I’m just saying that Lindsay probably needs someone to drive her getaway car(t).

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  1. I’ll be driving the cart ladies – I’m excellent when chasing down hotties! A road trip is totally happening – spectator tickets for JT’s golf week are only $30 – plus folks from the ‘Peg clear out of the city once it’s infiltrated with mosquitos, so it’ll be dead. 🙂

    Side note – you’re so right: Tazer for sure had the Jets sheets and other paraphernalia. I’m also betting on pajamas – adorable! Don’t you also love the quotes in the YouTube video? Toews “pumped” about “Jets.”

    Happy to find this video – I’ll do what I can do fill the void of the off-season with as many photos and videos that I can stalk down!

  2. Jimmy Reply

    Man.. I keep forgetting how in love with him I am.

  3. My first reaction to this video?


    Second reaction, in response to “All jokes aside…”

    “Oh honey… that was a joke?”

    Third and overall reaction.

    “Swoons, why are you so cute? I need to have your babies.”

    Yup – my fangirl is definitely out of control.