Fins to the Left!

I saved this photo back in March hoping someday I would get to use it.  San Jose has a 2-0 lead on the Red Wings and I think now is the time for inspiration.  For destruction.  I saw a guy on the Metro in a Wings shirt yesterday and I wished for an octopus to throw at him.  Gator’s from Detroit, she wanted to hug him instead.  There’s no hugging in hockey unless they’re FREE HUGS from WUYS-approved bromances.

San Jose won the first game 2-1 in OT and the second 2-1 in regulation.  Everyone’s got two assists: Rookie of My Life Logan Couture, Foxy Friday Ryan(e) Clow(e) and ASG prank mastermind Danny Boyle.

I don’t want to get ahead of myself.  These games are all nail-biters and no one makes me more nervous than Detroit.  This is just to keep the boys going.  Jumbo Joe is out to remind Chuck that back in ’97 she was swooning over his blond curls and Dunkin’ Donuts commercials.  He wants her to Feel the Teal.  (Okay sorry, that’s a terrible slogan.)

If there’s anyone we’d like to see go down it’s Detroit.  If there’s anyone who will make us eat our words and send their over-40s to shut us up, it’s Detroit.  So play on – Game 3 Wed at 5 PM PT.

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  1. Lindsay Reply

    Why, why, why?? How can you hate Detroit? Is it their rivalry with the Hawks? That I can understand. Your hatred for the fountain of youth and how those old guys somehow keep succeeding?

    And cheering for the Sharks? My only real issue is how Ryan(e) Clow(e) spells his name. Seriously, does Newfoundland(e) just like to tack on E’s to names?

    That said, I completely disagree with your assertion that Feel the Teal is a bad slogan – that’s the best part of this post, and really, the only reason you could actually cheer for the Sharks.

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