I feel your pain.

I really do. I was there last year. My caps went out in the first round. This was me last year. But I lived through it. And you will too.

I'm serious. Wipe the F*** chocolate off your face and get up! YES - YOU!

You are better than this and your men need you. Maybe not your team but there are others out there in the trenches fighting, that need adopting temporarily at least until the end of the season. And this is YOUR SPORT. This is Hockey and a drought is coming – need I remind you? SUMMER … NO HOCKEY? At all? So pull yourself together, go back through the blog and pick a team, a man, SOMEONE, adopt-a-man, adopt-a-cause – put a stamp on it and make it YOURS and work it sister. Because come June, we are all going to look like the above so no getting a jump on things now!


1. What else do you have going on? I mean really? Seriously. Tell us. Because we would know. NOTHING. Huh. So? what are you waiting for? If you need suggestions. We have some.

2. There are some very ELIGIBLE men available for ADOPTION. Shea Weber. Mike Fisher. The Sedin Twins. No, I am not joking here. They have an awesome sense of humor and mad skills. Joe Thornton. Patrick Marleau. Oh god did I just write that? Tim Thomas. Henrik Zetterberg. Mike Modano. Brian Boucher. Milan Lucic. Andrej Meszaros. Martin St. Louis. Steven Stamkos. Mike Green. See, I’m not even asking you to support you-know- who because I know you will from the closet and that’s OK!

how could you not support this?

3. THERE IS NO CRYING IN HOCKEY. EVER. Except if you’re Sean Avery and really, do you want to join that club? Screaming, breaking things, punching objects and being sad pandas, OK. We except that.

we'll even give you a cyber-hug.

4. If you ‘accidentally run into’ and by ‘accidentally’ I mean ‘accidentally on purpose stalking them’ –  say, Kris Letang or MAX TALBOT or Jonathan Toews, do you really want a badunkadunk butt or muffin top (even though that’s the best part of the muffin!) from all the chocolate, bon bons and cupcakes you ate? Wouldn’t you want to be in your fabulous best shape EVER?!

well hello there, come here often? wanna see MY stanley cups?


So let's kiss, make up and move on!

And lastly, whether we all like it or not, as Sean Connery said in HIGHLANDER, “There can be only one.”

my what fancy wear and BTW - pants LOVES your hat!

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  1. This is incredibly put! I sat at work today thinking over last night’s loss and every time I wanted to cry. I said to myself, who’s left REALLY?! Nobody I care about, ppsshhh! But no, I must soldier on. I promised my Bolts fan friend that I’d rally behind the Bolts if they beat then pens but… well that’s not happening. I’m still bitter. Dawn, I hope there’s room for all of the love in D.C because I have a lot of love to give!

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    I seriously fell apart last year when the Caps lost. Adn that was like the highest high to the lowest of lows sister! Ask Mr. Cherrie. I was NOT FUN.I honestly know what everyone feels like but then I picked Tanger (NOT THE PENS!) and went with it and it made me feel so much better. 🙂 It really worked.
    Take you time and find someone YOU feel good about. And like I said, it doesn’t have to be a team. It wasn’t for me. It was some hot eye candy. 😉 It does wonders for your hockey soul.

  3. Oh no…Milan Lucic or Shea Weber? Choices, choices.

    • Cya Reply

      I’m rooting for Shea Weber’s beard.

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    You can adopt several … there is no limit! Be Brangalina!

  5. Seriously Pissed Reply

    This is awesome advice. So many choices. It feels kind of like cheating. Promise you won’t tell Kris.

    I might have to adopt Martin St. Louis. He impressed the hell out of me in this series. I wouldn’t make out with him in the produce aisle, mind you, but I’m a little bit afraid of him and I’m kind of intrigued.

    And Nicklas Backstrom, because I’ve been to Sweden and it is awesome and I have a soft spot for Swedes. I wouldn’t admit to liking a Caps player on the streets here in Pittsburgh but I think my secret is safe here on the internet.

  6. alexisfrisinger Reply

    I would pay to clean the love nest of Danny Briere and Claude Giroux.

    Why do you hate my Flyers?

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I don’t hate your fliers. I was going to suggest Boucher actually and forgot. SORRY. Love nest … HAHA~ So true. It’s all yours sister!

  7. dawncherrie Reply

    what happens in the play-offs when you team is out, stays in the play-offs when your team is out! your secret it safe and no one needs to know because you did it the privacy of your own home! 🙂 And of course you can submit your suggestions here if you want more of something. 🙂 And the best thing is, you can have as much or as little as you want! You can test the waters, switch, mix it up, what ever! It’s not cheating because come October, you have your own men back! It’s quite nice. Trust me, I KNOW!

  8. I am so emotionally distressed today, and I’m actually crying laughing. Tears on my face. Did you just make HIGHLANDER joke? Do you have inside you blood of kings?

    Even more than hockey, what would I do without you Dawn?

    GO CAPS. FinethereIsaidit.

  9. Deanna Reply

    This is probably one of the best posts, I absolutely loved it! While my men are still in it, I have adopted a few stragglers to fawn over in the Eastern Conference (Mike, Brooksy, iCarly, and Stamkos, to be exact ;])

  10. dawncherrie Reply

    As I’ve said before. Come to the darkside, we have cookies!

  11. MelTing Reply

    This is such a nice positive idea when there’s so much negativity around. Thanks mucho, DC!

    • dawncherrie Reply

      MelTing .. there you are! Did you see the Drew, Ovi and Mike Green NHL Net Work commercial! I thought of you! I have been trying to find it for a post and once I do, I’ll share but DREW DREW DREW made it! He looks AWESOME and HOT – totally owning it! ;)It’s like they asked me to make it myself! HA.

  12. Cassy Reply

    I’ve still got my B’s for now and hoping the Caps whoop some serious a** against Tampa Bay! I cannot decide for my West Coast love! I mean there’s Holy Joe Thornton, but there’s also Shea Weber’s beard. Thank GOD I don’t have to decide yet!