Beard, Still Here

The Nashville Predators advanced to Round 2… and the beard lives on.  Shea Weber’s beard is the top ranking search term around here every day.  The Foxy Friday alum has also been nominated for the Norris Trophy.  That’s a pretty badass few days.

Chuck Norris eats trophies for breakfast.

They join the Red Wings and Capitals in the waiting room to see who they’ll play next.  Nashville (#5) is the only team so far to upset a higher seed (Ducks were #4).  It’s also worth pointing out that both Chuck and I picked the Preds to win this series, because we’re clearly in charge of everything.

Sorrs, Perr.

I went to a Preds game back in their first season (I am that old) and had a great time.  Brand new arena, almost no one knew what was going on.  It’s great to see Nashville becoming a serious hockey town and getting so behind their team.  Phoenix could only dream of this.  Here’s hoping they face Detroit in the next round, because it means San Jose and Chicago both won.

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  1. Jones Reply

    My first thought when they won – “YES, THE BEARD LIVES!” I’m curious to see exactly when it’s going to cross the line from ‘virile’ to ‘Unabomber’.

    My second thought was good for Nashville, they deserve it and it’s great to see a market developing the right way.

  2. With Mr. Underwood AND BU standout Colin Wilson how could they NOT win!??!