TK Tuesday!

I can’t make an alliterative joke about Tuesday without wanting tacos!

The Pens won 3-2 last night on a sweet baby barbecue sauce goal from Tyler Kennedy. [video] If you’ve never watched a Pens game with me, TK gets some of the loudest cheering.  He is my Who from Whoville, wha-hoo-na.

I want my two dollars!

LePretty had 2 assists in the win, good news since he hasn’t had a goal since Jan 10.  Points please, and I don’t care who scores ’em. 

PensTV treated us to a little backstage look at Crosby and Malkin high-fiving the team off the ice.  Sid looks so short a) next to Geno and b) without skates.  My heart did a triple toe-loop to see them though and if you can’t be an athlete, be an athletic supporter.  Max has no idea where to go and Flower cannot turn left (but he can do Blue Steel). [video]

Does this suit make by butt look big?

In a side note on awesome, Squishy scored twice.  This is the same man who had two teeth broken in game one, got a double root canal that night and was back in action for game two.  At 5’8″ and 176 pounds, imagine how many people told Martin St. Louis growing up that he was too small to play.  Where are those people now?  His pair wasn’t enough for the win, but the Bolts were definitely in this game to the end.

Two teeth. And no penalty!

And I love this photo.  The pressure on Steven Stamkos right now hurts my heart.  I don’t want him to start really scoring – not now, not against us – but it’s his first trip to the playoffs and Stammer’s slumping big time.  Five goals in 30 games slumping.  Great article on it here.

Stop looking at me, swan.

So here’s hoping Steve-o gets, like, two in the next game… and the Pens get five.  One each for Letang, Staal, Talbot, Kennedy and one for Flower while we’re at it.

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  1. Lindsay Reply

    OK seriously…that video is golden. I’m keeping that open at work and watching whenever there’s no one else around! Crosby is such a fox – and love the suit. How sad is it that I get all flushed watching him hi-five his teammates in a video. Can’t imagine the freak show I’ll be when he returns to the ice!! And really, Geno? Can you at least TRY to dress like a grownup? Are sweats necessary 100% of the time? You’re not even playing.

  2. Cassy Reply

    Actually, like, hell yeah to all of that – but secretly you want Sid the Kid to do a Savvy, come back to play, score the winner in OT (like my hurt hero) cos that would be, like, AWESOME. Actually, I’d kinda like Savvy to do that right about now as well, my adoration of The Professor notwithstanding!

  3. I watched that video roughly 20 times last night. I miss them more than I miss my extended family. I love that Geno isn’t dressed up. Sid, always the face of the franchise.

    …and yes, can Flower please score?

    • HE HAS A TATTOO!!!?!?!?


      He’s not fair.

      Brooks Orpik has crazy eyes. Like Steve Buscemi in “Mr. Deeds”

      • Seriously Pissed Reply

        “You underestimated the sneakiness” is probably one of the most frequently-quoted movie lines in my house. Orpik’s eyes are legendary. There’s an awesome tshirt around town that just says “BROOKS” but the O’s are his eyes.

  4. SarahM Reply

    You forgot a great part of the night,Letang lost his helmet and was totally whipping his hair around. I was at the game and was lucky enough to witness this in person.

    • He whips his hair back and forth! He whips his hair back and forth!

      • SarahM Reply

        I was totally singing that too!

  5. dawn cherrie Reply

    thank you for my anniversary present seriously p.
    mr. cherrie did not appreciate me sighing when letang last his lid. hahahah

    • SQUISHY!!!!! I hearts him.

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