What's Your NHL Superstition?

Here’s a video about various players spilling their OCD secrets from Captain Serious saying he doesn’t have any pre or post game rituals which I call BS on! No one with devil eyes like that can say he doesn’t have any – he may not want to tell anyone but I don’t believe for one hot minute he doesn’t brush Kaner’s mullet for good luck before he hits the ice each game! Flower, we know, pets the goal post when the puck hits it because he thinks that helps and evidently who are we to argue with his success? I know some of you want to shower with E. Staal … 🙂 I’ll learn to play X-Box for Drew.

Anyway, here are some delicious dishes on what our favorite men do before or during the game. Feel free to tell us what you do to help them out! I yell at the TV because I KNOW OVI can hear me now!

I have to add this update from Puck Daddy: (link) because I am totally siding with Sidney on the  ODC issue on shaving. No one gets between me and the razor.  Sorry guys.

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  1. Oh, my sweet God…cannot stop the E. Staal shower visual. Then, the extended discussion on the shower? Yes, please.

    That seems like the logical Tazer response. Haha…

  2. I only drink canadian beer during the game, which makes the loud screaming at the TV all that much more fun. I always wear a shirt supporting my team, and in the pen’s case I wore a white shirt Wednesday.

    I can see it now, Tazer brushing Kane’s mullet, telling him he’s a pretty pony before the game. HA!

  3. SIDNEY! He embraces his own crazy and I think that’s awesome. The PB&J ritual on 24/7 made my inner 5-year old squee.

    Also love King Henrik almost too embarrassed to finish his own sentence, though his superstition is harmless. He can’t stop being le cool for two seconds.

    And Toews is lying – that boy has the crazy like nobody’s business. His superstition is probably not to tell anyone his superstition, in which case someone should have asked Kaner to tell.

    • Cassy Reply

      We’re even getting this on ESPN America! I love Timmmmaaaayyyy and his “routines” – cos he’s just so cool about it lol. And Sid was just HILARIOUS!

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    Sidney,I will admit, was adorable in embracing his OCD. Toews … seriously. NEEDS A HOBBY that isn’t HOCKEY! E. Staal … shower away! I’m sure several of our loyal readers would sign up for a car cash style service between periods too!

    • Cassy Reply

      If it was Mr Blue-Blue Eyes, Savvy, LePretty, MAX TALBOT or Bergy quite poss. Or Grumpy Staal’s “little” brother, “Little” Staal (Jordan)