And We Weren't Invited?

Thank God Ovi is back on twitter because it’s a goldmine but unfortunately I’ve been so busy I haven’t been on twitter in ages and migraines have left me sidelined lately (Paging Dr. Letang for bedside assistance please!).

So Mr. Cherrie alerted me to a few nuggets which I traced to Ovi’s twitter! First up, his run in with the First Lady where evidently 6′ 5″, 220 lbs. Jason Arnott was SHOVED aside by Secret Service agents at a restaurant with not so much as an “Excuse me” but just “Step a side.”
Ovi wanted to get a picture with her so both Arnott and Ovi went over to talk to her.

“We talked a little bit about the Capitals,” Arnott said. “We were trying to get her to come to a game. And she said she and her husband were trying to get to a game. Ovie’s like, ‘We can get you tickets if you want to come.’” Really? He has that kind of pull? Can he get me tickets too?

charming the first lady!

A continuation of the EPIC ROMANCE: Ovi and Sasha Fierce celebrating Sasha Fierce’s birthday! I bet Ovi stopped at the grocery store on the way over to SF’s before the party. Did they then pop them and starting huffing and making silly voices? Was a sleep over pajama party involved? Did they paint each others nails and then do each others hair? Because I want to see those photos too!

And next time, we want to be invited. No, we DEMAND to be invited! We’ll even bring the Justin Bieber “One Less Lonely Girl” Purple Passion nail color! Honest! I just get dibs on Ovi! I know, I know, no one here is going to fight me for that pleasure.

How old you are? SRSLY?

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  1. Cassy Reply

    You’re right: Ovi is all yours, but can I snuggle with Brooks if he and Greener are over with them watching 13 going on 30?

    Sympathy on the migraine: my last one landed me in hospital having tests (which given a lumbar puncture was involved was worse than the migraine and they’re worse than Hades), so I do feel your pain. Sensing you hugs, virtual Midol, Aspirin, Codeine and my special migraine meds xx

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    lumbar puncture? holy shit! they never asked me for that! I only had the MRI which came back normal and had me asking really? my family thinks I’m not! now I have scientific proof! When I get the ‘shot’ – Mr.Cherrie finds me highly entertaining when that happens because he has to drive me home and I can’t drink alochol EVER so this is only time to laugh at me and the things I say like, “Oh I could totaly be driving now!” as I walk into the car door.

    Anyway, thanks for the sympathy. Still not gone .. been a week and 1/2 so thinking a shot is in order if only to keep my husband from burying me in the backyard! 😉

    • Cassy Reply

      Tell me about it – but they did think I’d had a brain haemorrhage so… I don’t have the shot, but I do use sumatriptan tablets if aspirin fails…

  3. Cya Reply

    I get migraine too, not to get too personal, but have you checked out any outside factors? Mine come around when it’s low barometric pressure outside, high pollen count and That time of the month. I went to the ER because my left side went numb, I couldnt walk because the floor looked bubbled up, and I couldn’t read my computer screen. Long story short after seeing my neorologist, she prescribed Maxalt-MLT, which is a meltaway med to take as soon as you feel it coming. I hope it gets better, migraines suck.

    • Aimee Reply

      Yet another migraine sufferer here. I take Relpax myself, less side effects than Imitrex/sumatriptan. I understand how much it sucks, I have way too many migraines and end up wasting so many days not feeling well. At least I can watch the Caps while laid up suffering.

      Ovie is so amusing and funny. He’s like a little child in the body of an adult. I don’t really get how people can hate him, he’s just having fun in life.

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    And we all realize that the lushious Kris Letang is in our corner …. 🙂 he’s a sufferer too.

  5. Cassy Reply

    Quite – and doesn’t it make you want to snuggle in a darkened room, on a king size bed with him? During migraines, obviously lol. Wish I was in the US – I only get offered shots if they get worse…