Drew Doughty Is a Sexy Beast = LA Kings In The Playoffs!

Me- Drew - You - you; me play hockey good.

By the Power of Gray Skull! Evidently God decided to touch not only Drew (“It might be a huge one”),  she decided to touch a couple of  LA Kings last night (oh please – I would so like to switch places for one day!) and put them into the plaaaaaay ooooooffffsss! Let me hear a boooohyaa from the West Coasties! Although she messed with me and made it go into a shoot out knuckle biter with Jonathan Quick (best named Goalie eva!) lived up to his name and slammed the door shut on the Coyotes. HOWL!

Jarret Stoll and Michal Handzus (worst hair nominee – get that boy a stylist and some conditioner STAT!) nailed their shoot out shots and Capt. DOWNTOWN Brown missed but he had a super sweet takin’ to the Bryzgalov early on in the game.

This means at least a few more weeks of the Sexy Beast Touched by God! Can I hear an AMEN? AMEN! Hallelujah!

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  1. MelTing Reply

    Why Miz Cherrie, how can you not mention Drew’s double saves in last night’s game? Pad save, stick save, while Quick was otherwise occupied. Because when TBG was a kid, he always wanted to play goal!


    Amen, honey!

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    Honest … I taped the Caps because I worked late and was flipping …between LIVE and Memorex :0 YOU CAUGHT ME. And his only real ‘highlight’I saw was Drew flumbling the biscuit in his own zone at the end of the game and almost losing it for his team! Ooops .. did I just say that! That’s why I have YOU! Sister! Thanks for the REAL HIGHLIGHT! 😉 Besides, when I watch, I am simply mezmorized by the sexy beast I forget what I really see.

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    Thanks MelTing – I updated it appropriately and I love the announcer saying “Drew goes down …” bwhahaahahah!”

  4. MelTing Reply

    What a perverted mind you have. I love it!

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I wasn’t the one who said it … it was the announcer. I still can’t find the video I was looking for but when I do, I’ll do the post I promised.

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