The Final Countdown

You should all read this article that runs down every single team and where they stand with 2-4 games left in the regular season.  I held my breath the entire time.

Oh the East.  I really want Carolina to make this one… Intern Jeff Skinner playoff reports, people!  If the Pens can please stay where they are instead of switching with TB, that will please me too.  Or they can pass the Flyers and see from the top spot.  (They won’t.  But I get the giggles just thinking about it.)

The Flyers and Caps can both clinch Division titles tonight, under the right circumstances.  Here’s hoping circumstances are wrong.

This West mess just gives me a stomach ache.  For starters, HELLO SAN JOSE SHARKS.  Logan Couture and Foxy Friday Ryan Clowe have not let us down.  Could this be the year Chuck finally gets to see Jumbo Joe through the playoffs?  Lots of people are talking Sharks for the Cup.

And the Blackhawks. It’s that inevitable action movie scene where some fool ends up clinging to a cliff ledge by the fingernails, feet scrambling for purchase on the sheer rock wall.  Just hold on, boys. Hold on and we can start all over again next week.

Phoenix, Los Angeles and Nashville can all earn that coveted little X next to their names tonight.

Are you ready for the playoffs?  For running home the second work is over and pressing your face to the TV, the glorious drama of endless overtimes, all the Ovechkin jerseys I’ll have to look at on the Metro?  I’m ready.  I’m ready for the Cup, baby.

Here’s all the math on who gets in if who loses and if you wear green while eating a burrito [link].  It helps if you wear the hat:


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  1. Too much math makes my head hurt…

    All I know is that the Bs have made it. Unforch, the way it stands now, they’d face the Hated Habs in the first round. blergh.

    I love Canada but I HATE the Canadiens with the fire of 1,000 suns.

    • Cya Reply

      The Hawks are making me wish I had stock in Tums.

  2. alexisfrisinger Reply

    I’m secretly hoping the Hawks decide to take the rest of Spring off. Okay, that’s not a secret.

    Go Flyers.