Oh NOVI Didn't Part 300!

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Ovi played Babe Ruth tonight as he pointed towards the goal with his magic stick and blasted his 300th goal past Toronto net-minder Reimer! This puts Ovechkin into some super sweet company making him the 6th youngest NHL player EVER to make the milestone – with Gretzky, Lemieux, Hawerchuk, Bossy, Yzerman and now Ovechkin. A face only I could love? Maybe! A player only I could love, I think not!

Youngest players at time of 300th goal
Years Days
22 321 12/13/1983 Wayne Gretzky
23 179 04/02/1989 Mario Lemieux
24 308 02/06/1988 Dale Hawerchuk
25 60 03/23/1982 Mike Bossy
25 176 11/01/1990 Steve Yzerman
25 200 4/05/2011 Alex Ovechkin
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  1. The radio announcer said last night that of Ovi’s 300 goals, 98 are on the power play. That’s pretty incredible.

    Not incredible? Ovi in a towel. Even multiple towels. But I do like red Gatorade.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    You know I purposely hand pick those photos JUST for you! 😉

  3. Stephanie Reply

    I was at the game when Hawerchuk hit 300!!!! ok just realized how old that make me…. Oh well…just saying!

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    Um, technically, I could have been at ALL of them so don’t feel bad. And theorectically I should have seen them all so …no one’s counting here. 🙂