Best. Weekend. Ever.

We survived!  Pittsburgh was freaking awesome.  There will be full disclosure and lots of photos, but the highlights included:

– Pens Open Practice

1+ hours of puckhandling drills to the tune of twenty little kids chanting “We want a puck!”  Letang tossed a puck to us – but it went to the adoring 9 year old birthday girl with the “I Love Letang” sign.  What do you mean he was aiming for her?

– Missing Max Talbot at Cheesecake Factory

If we’d joined @rebelheart87 and her crew for lunch, we’d have seen Max at the bar.  Instead, we were at the chocolate factory meeting the Chocolate Cup.

– Luxury Box at CONSOL

We know people who know people who are AMAZING and made sure we had the best weekend ever.  Chad’s mom, you are a hero.

– Shootout Win

The game was not great (someone, ANYONE go stand in front of the net, eh?!) but a shootout win certainly is exciting!

– Named My Car

I made a promise at the start of OT that if the Pens won, I would name my new car after whoever scored the game-winner.  Technically it was Kovalev, but I don’t like him.  So I went with James Neal who scored in the 3rd round of shootout to end the game!


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  1. Hockey makes us SOOOOOOO HAPPY!

  2. Looks like you ladies had a fantastic weekend! 🙂

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    Too bad Letang went first in the shoot out! HA! or your car would have a sweet name! 😉 I would simply assume we would rewrite history and he made it too since he has excellent shoot out percentages.

  4. Ahhh! That sounds so awesome! 🙂 I’m glad you had a great time. By the way, when I thought I saw you, it wasn’t you…so, I’m glad I didn’t approach those two girls. Haha!

  5. Cassy Reply

    Yeah. It could have been the Letangmobile instead of the Nealmobile – which still has a bit of a ring to it.

    Bet Mel’s stoked!