Rush, Rush

Hockey season is long.  So long, in fact, that you sometimes forget things.  When is the last time you saw this face?

Been a long lonely, lonely, lonely...

Zach Parise went out October 30 with a knee injury that was projected to take 3 months.  We’re closing in on the 5 month mark and there’s talk that Parise may return to the Devils’ lineup next week. [link]

Remember when I scored 45 goals?

Zach’s had a long year of watching Day of our Lives and doing 10,000-piece puzzles.  The Devils had a horrific start and a mostly terrible season that turned into a terrific run over the last few weeks.  They were maybe almost kind of closing in on a playoff spot… but last night they lost to Boston, leaving them 9 points out with only 9 games to go.  Even if Parise got back and was in full form, it would take a minor miracle to pull that off.

Remember when I tied the Olympic gold medal game with 24 seconds left?

If I’m Zach, I want to play. He’s at the end of a 4-year, $12.5 million contract and the Devils have salary cap problems that look like the US budget deficit.  Maybe they dump other contracts to keep him, maybe they shop him around.  It will help his value in any case if teams see him on the ice, playing. You don’t buy a car without a test drive.

That said, what is the point?  To rush back from any injury is a bad idea, and if something took 2 extra months to heal I say you should go easy.  Like all summer easy.  There’s a lot to lose and for the NJ Devils at this point, very little to gain.

Am I tan yet?

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