Tiger Blood And Adonis DNA.

Derpy needs a drink after this game!

Best. Sunday. Ever. All my boys played and did well today! The Caps are ‘Winning’ and not like Charlie Sheen. They gave the smack down to Derp face and Charlie’s true other brother Kaner Sunday to make it eight straight! But not without some cardiac arrest allowing Derpy to score with like 40 seconds left to send the damn thing into OT and Moe and Poe scattering and puffed like Armageddon was coming! But this is the new Caps with Tiger blood and Adonis DNA! Knuble came back with a beauty, not slop, and closed the door on the Stanley cup winners. And let me tell you, Derpy doesn’t get any Derpier. Derp.

Knuble finesses this one in. Masterfully.

And what a weekend for TBG. Saturday he gets his beautiful face shoved in the stations ala Max P. but thank god he was OK. Then he has a beauty of a goal against Dallas to help the Kings win a knuckle biter against their division rivals that went down to the wire too! Dallas ties it with less than 40 seconds to go and the Kings come back with a grinder that Handzus smacks in seconds later. Two points and that puts LA in fourth. Being the eternal optimist, I’m hoping they can stay in play-off contention.

Oh and Pittsburg played. They won. But what was really important, Letang played. Three games: Ovi, TBG and Letang; a trifecta of hockey gods. Sleep well my friends. I will. 😉

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