Exit to the Dark Side?

Dawn and I are going to our first Caps game tonight in San Jose.

I know, right?

Dawn will be wearing the aforementioned Ovechtrick head-to-toe ensemble.  And she’s bringing me Caps gear.  I might even wear it. At the very least I have consented to a red & white hoodie (from BU, gotta keep some of my dignity).  But I ask you… how did this happen?

The WHAT you say?

And at the beginning of March, I am moving to Maryland.  The fantastic Mr. Pants made my day today by getting us  tickets to the Oilers @ Caps on March 9. Date night!  I am so excited.  Mr. Pants has also discovered the joys of Caps hockey in HD (for free!) at our new apartment.  And my new office is 1.5 miles from the Verizon Center.


Fidget probably won’t even play in San Jose, since the Muppets are still banging around inside his brain.  But I will  probably cheer for the Caps – or at least not against them.  Is it loyalty to Dawn?  The urge to defend against someone throwing debris at her Ovi-clad backside?  HBO’s 24/7? Or is this blog turning me into a Caps fan?! Just a tiny little bit only during non-conference games?

This is not my happy face.

Somebody get Crosby – I’m going to need an exorcism.  This cannot be allowed to go on.  I still want the Caps to lose, I’d just prefer if they do it in the post-season and to the Pens.  I’ve never lived/worked so close to a team and it has to be my mortal enemy?  I’m going all Annakin Skywalker over here.

PS: The Caps scored 7 goals to beat Anaheim (who had 6) last night.  Did they save any for Dawn?

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  1. Cassy Reply

    The pictures and comments totally made this post Pants! Awesome!!!

    You can wear a 52 top. That’s allowed. But no booty-stamped Ovi pants or I’m coming over to hunt you down.

  2. Your love for Mike is clouding your brain…

    I think that it is okay for you to like Mike and cheer for him, but I don’t know about this “cheering for the Caps as a team” thing.


    • dawncherrie Reply

      It’s completely acceptable unless they are playing the Penguins. I think that is the only rule here. 😉 There is totes love to share for everyone!

      • Cassy Reply

        Oh Dawn… We do still love you, even if you love that Russian.

        Pants – Holy Joe Thornton! You CAN’T cheer the team on! Chuck will have to hurt you too!

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