Sidelined: Duchene

If you are the Colorado Avalanche, your morning went like this:

Good grief.

Matt Duchene is out indefinitely with a hand injury [link]. He is the Avs leading scorer this season (21 G, 26 A).  The Avs are in the midst of a franchise-worst losing streak (8 straight) and play against Pittsburgh tonight. He was hit by a shot in Monday’s 9-1 loss to Calgary.

Duchene charmed us to pieces at the All-Star Game and we were trying to think of a suitable nickname for him.  I kinda want to call him “Duche,” which isn’t very nice.  But we already have a Matty D around the WUYS offices (who is also fond of too many cocktails after a Superskills Competition).  Suggestions?  Perhaps this victory dance with Paul Stansy will inspire… the only thing we love more than hockey is choreographed dancing.

Hurry back, insternicknamehere. We’ll be waiting.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    M-Duche? Just a thought or just Duke?

  2. What about Ducky? Chener?

    Oh Cassy, Duke is a good one…

    • Cassy Reply

      It’s for the moments of genius amongst my offensive, bitchy ramblings that you love me.

      Did ya love the pic???