What's Really Going On Inside Mike Green's Ear

What the Caps really don't want you to know

Some how they got inside and now they won’t leave. Talk about uninvited guests! BB is really mad! Ovi tried shouting BOOM but that only excited Animal more and he started banging on the cochlea which made Mike bitch slap Ovi. Nikky is whispering sweet nothings to no avail. Desperate, now Varly is walking back and forth in his jock to lure both Janice and Dr. Teeth out! Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh my God, you’re completely insane. In a related story, Janice looks just like my college roommate Elizabeth. Right Chuck? We bought her a Janice statue for her 21st birthday.

    And I kind of picture Ovi running around like Animal shouting “WOOOOMMMAAANNNN!”

    • Pants, you are so totally right about Ovi. I bet that’s really what he does…

      Now imagine what the Professor and his sidekick are up to *shudders*

      On another note, I bought Supergirl and Wonderwoman pants at the store today. Random, but I think they’re fitting…

  2. Dawncherrie Reply

    Not that I am making light of his injury but I did have to make a funny. Because this is totally what came to mind when I read your post below.