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I watched Sunday’s Pens vs. Caps game at 9:30 AM in Las Vegas. Do you know how hard it is to organize 10 people before breakfast at a bachelor/bachelorette party?  For hockey?  My dedication knows no bounds.

Mr. Pants insisted I bet on the Caps, which I did not.  It’s sacrilege.  Of course now the Penguins owe me $20.

I only yelled at the TV a few times (yelling being frowned upon so early after a late night), but once was definitely for Mikey.  Poor guy.  We could have done without 200 slow motion replays of the puck to the head, thanks NBC.  As Dawn said, Mike did talk to the media after the game.  He’s looking pretty James Bond for someone who almost got decapitated by a slap shot [video].

That girl is praying for the strength the remain professional.

Mike did not practice yesterday, citing “concussion symptoms,” but he was in today’s morning skate.  He’s still TDB for tonight’s game vs. San Jose.  He says “If I feel good, I’ll play.”

Concussions are the talk of the town this season.  I even listened to Bettman bore everyone to death at the All-Star Game news conference.  You can read more about the testing and return-to-lineup requirements in this Washington Post story, but here’s the gist:

Protocol for the treatment of concussions in the NHL is that a player must first be symptom free while at rest and symptom free during exercise and other physical exertion. Then the player must undergo neuropsychological testing, and if the results of the evaluation determine there are no abnormalities, the player is eligible to return to play. – Katie Carrera, Washington Post

Close shave.

That’s a really scary place to get hit.  After tonight, the Capitals have 3 days off before playing LA on Saturday, so I won’t be too worried if Mike doesn’t play tonight.  As much as Dawn says the Caps can’t win without Mike, don’t rush it Greenie.

UPDATE: RT @Real_ESPNLeBrun Caps GM George McPhee tells me via text that Mike Green won’t play tonight but should be fine for Saturday.

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