The Beanpot – aka the BU Invitational

For the first and second Mondays of February, the four Boston* college hockey teams – Harvard, Northeastern, Boston College, and Boston University – take part in the Beanpot Tournament.  This special hockey tournament has grown to be one of the most unique and anticipated college sporting events in the country.

Winning the silver pot of Boston baked beans is a source of immense pride and bragging rights amongst players, students, alumni, and fans – especially for those of us with ties to Boston University (ie. myself and Pants). In the 59 years that the Beanpot has been played, the BU Terriers have won it 29 times.  That’s about 50%.  Hence the nickname.

We win. Again.
For those of us who have had the pleasure of watching in person, these games are truly special.  No matter what sort of season the teams are having, they always seem to step up when February rolls around.
BU could be considered to be in a “rebuilding” phase and have lost all their games vs. the Eagles.  BC is the defending national champs and atop the national rankings.  But when the puck drops for their semifinal match up at 8pm tonight, all the trials and tribulations of the current season don’t matter.  BU has got history on their side.  For many of BU’s players this year, this is the first time that they will playing in the Beanpot.  I hope they take a moment in the quiet before the national anthem to reflect on that this tournament means.   I hope they take a deep breath before the puck drop to realize how much this means to their fans.

Victory makes us want to hug everyone!

“What the Beanpot means to me? Quite simply, there are two words that come to mind: tradition and emotion. Anyone who has a pulse around here knows about the tradition of the Beanpot. I’m a local kid. I grew up in Scituate. I started coming to the Beanpot about the same time I started playing hockey.” — David Silk, former BU forward and 1980 Olympic gold medal winner

*Writer’s Note: Two of the four teams are not actually IN Boston.  Harvard is in Cambridge, right across the river and Boston College is in Chestnut Hill, MA.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Location being v important to Beantown residents! I miss Beantown. I so want to come over again soon.

    Feeling all nostalgic like again for the Garden, Fanueil Hall, the Long Wharf, the Common, Washington street..,

  2. This makes me want to eat Cranberry Farms at the GSU.