ASG Weekend #2: Skills Competition

Hockey players have mad skills.

And what better way to showcase them, than with the always fun Super Skills Competition.

So here are the results…

  • Faster Skater – Michael Grabner (14.238 seconds)
  • Breakaway – Alexander Ovechkin (38.5% of the fan votes).
  • Accuracy – Daniel Sedin (4 for 4 in 7.3 seconds)
  • Skills Challenge Relay – Team Lidstrom (2:09)
  • Hardest Shot – Zdeno Chara, 105.9mph (4th consecutive win AND he beat his own record)
  • Elimination Shoot-Out – Corey Perry

and some of our favorite moments…

  • PK Subban stealing Jeff Skinner’s jersey

Oh look Jeff Skinner...heeeeeyyyyyyy wait a second...

  • Jeff Skinner. The Justin Bieber of the NHL.  I wish he could be my prom date.

Definitely out WAY past his curfew

  • Timmy Thomas vs. Cam Ward in the Fastest Skater.  In full equipment.
  • Timmy’s wipe out behind the net. But he got right back up with the ever-present smile on his face.
    Catching an edge.
    Still smilin’…
  • Toews’ Accuracy Mulligan and *derp* face through the whole competition
  • Marc-Andre Fleury. The jumping jacks.  Stacking the pads on Ovechkin. The dancing.  Everything.  We love him.  As far as we are concerned, he won the entire Skills Competition.

and 1...and 2...and 3

What are those? Hockey nets for ANTS?

  • The new-found love between Alex Ovechkin and Kris “Look at My Hair” Letang

Love is in the air...

  • Zdeno Chara‘s slap shot.  Faster than a speeding bullet.

If I saw this, I would curl up into the fetal position and cry for my mother.

  • Last but not least – Patrick Sharp, ASG 2011 MVP.

Looking better than any hockey player has a right to

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  2. Those nets were so small I could barely see them on the TV. And I had packed my glasses. I just waited for the whistle to tell me when someone scored.

  3. Jackie Reply

    1. jeff skinner is too cute. so so young…
    2. as a hawks fan i have always been hesitant about the penguins but with the HBO and ASG coverage i may have fallen in love with fleury. and he is a goalie which is even weirder for me.
    3. i almost fell off my couch when i heard kopitar talk. not at all what i expected.

    • Re: Kopitar
      I know! I was like “Whaaaaaaaa?” He sort of looks like Geico caveman so the voice totally doesn’t match.

      I’m totally voting for Jeff Skinner for Prom King.

  4. Cassy Reply

    Apparently the Fleury love is catching. I caught it too. And when he unleashed super potty mouth during 24/7 I nearly DIED.

    Chara is AWESOME. I’d run away if that shit was coming at me tho. Totes.

  5. Late to the party here. Kopitar’s grandmother taught English in Slovenia so that explains a lot of his fluency. This year’s Kings yearbook featured each of the players’ stories. Next to Kevin Westgarth, who graduated from Princeton, Kopitar had the most well written story. Funny considering he didn’t even finish the European equivalent of high school.