Too Injured For All-Star Game But Not For Bowling?

can't let a day go by without a photo of his hotness

Um…? The Penguins had their annual Pens and Pins Charity Bowling event on 1/17 and either Malkin and Crosby have been seeing a faith healer or something is rotten in Pittsburg. Not to taint my love for all things Letang because he is still smokin’ hot as evidenced above but for realsies? This is one of the many reasons I can’t stand Sidney. If he can attend a Pens’ Charity event, he can damn well at least attend the All-Star game. He owes it to the fans.

ignore the princess on the left - fleury is adorable!

As far as  Malkin goes, if he can bowl, I’m not seeing anything wrong with his knee. Again, he can get his Russian hockey butt to the All-Star game too if only to attend for the fans. UPDATE: Evidently now Bylsma is claiming Malkin has a sinus infection/illness and won’t be attending and will not be playing in tonight’s game either.

I think Geno and Crosby should just come clean like Zetterburg and Luongo and say, “I just don’t want to attend. Thanks but no thanks .”  Which leads to a whole other discussion, should there be an All-Star game? Because with the All-Stars dropping like flies – what does that say to us fans? It sorts feels like the ultimate F-You –  D-listed like the entertainment. Dissed and disrepected.

knee looks good to me

When you have the honor of being VOTED into the top six players in all of the NHL BY FANS, I think you ought to check your tiara at the door, put your best prom dress on, fix your mascara and show up sister.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Concussion is evil – he could be having good and bad days?! And what about Savvy – I is very distressed about his 2nd concussion of the year AND that it was a hit from Hunwick too!

    Geno is a wuss tho. Bug wuss. But they have been saying Cros has good and bad times during the day. Just saying.

  2. Sid had the most votes for the 2008 and 2009 All-Star Games too. He couldn’t play either year due to injuries but he still attended the events. I think that proves he understands the importance of both the honor and the event.

    But that doesn’t matter. Nothing that Sidney Crosby does will ever be enough.

    As for Malkin, he played vs Detroit on 1/18 – 15:50 to be exact, and had an assist. That’s the day AFTER the bowling event. So his knee looked fine at bowling because it was fine at bowling.

    If it’s really sickness keeping him out the lineup the last two games, then it should be keeping him out of everything until he’s fully recovered and back on the damned ice.

  3. dawncherrie Reply

    OK, I’ll give Geno the benefit of the doubt because I adore him and he probably got it from making out with Chuck. So Chuck should take care of him like a good dream girl-friend. Thank god I woke up before it went there but it was def. going THERE! LOL.

    As for Sid, not back peddling on it. I feel like he’s trying to get back at the NHL for not punishing Steckle after the fact.

    There is alot Sid can do and SHOULD do as the touted ‘golden boy’ of the NHL. He gets alot of ‘extras’ for his position so along with it comes the added responsibility. If ya gonna play, ya gotta pay too. He can’t have it both ways, but he certainly likes to try too.

    But enuff. 🙂 Kiss and make up. I get both your points. And none of us really know. What is REALLY important is that Kris will be there.

  4. Hahaha…a couple days ago, I said on my blog that Geno got sick from violently making out with me! Uh oh.

  5. dawncherrie Reply

    Then it’s ALL YOUR FAULT! 😉

  6. Sinochick Reply

    Sid didn’t actually bowl in that charity event. He was at the event to make an appearance and that was all.

  7. dawncherrie Reply

    oh. Thank you for the update. Sincerely. 🙂 If you were there … was Kris looking good? Just want to know. Cause well, ya know.