Foxy Friday: Shea Weber

I wanted to include Shea Weber in the Skills Competition post, but there are really no YouTube videos of his game highlights.  Just big, bone-crunching hits.  Shea almost won the ’09 Hardest Shot with a 103.4 mph slapper [video].  Chuck’s pal Chara beat him by 2mph.  When you’re going that fast, what’s 2mph?

So we’re giving Shea a little Foxy Friday love in hopes that it boosts his internet profile. *wink*

I'm laughing because I'm going to hurt you.

Wikipedia has informed me that Weber grew 5 inches in one year (that hurts) and was 6’2″ at the age of 15 (that’s awkward).  I like the name Shea, but I bet it helps to be a giant so high school kids aren’t mean to you.

Weber became the Preds captain at the end of last year.  He also won Olympic gold with Team Canada.  He currently leads the team with 29 points and the Predators are 4th in the Western Conference. That’s ahead of the Blackhawks, folks.

Real conversation with my brother:

Pants: Going to a hockey game.  Sharks vs. Predators.

Brother: The Predator is someone’s mascot? Is that even allowed?

Pants: Predators.  Not the Predator.

Brother: Oh.  Bummer.  ScyFy should do a Shark vs. Predator movie starring Schwarzennegger.  They could play hockey.

At the Sharks vs. Predators game two weeks ago, Shea just looked like a nice guy.  Until he leveled someone with a huge hit.  But that’s how we roll here at WUYS – we like it rough. You might even end up ass-over-tea kettle in your own bench!

Chuck pointed out that this is two Nashville Foxy Fridays in a row.  Someday I’ll break out the photo of  me & Steve Sullivan at the 1994 Albany River Rats Calder Cup Championship event and show you all what foxy really means.  (Note: I will never show you this picture.  It’s too embarrassing for both of us.)

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Now that DOES sound FOXXXY!

  2. Chuck Reply

    Brother Pants has a point. Shark vs. Predator would be sweet. Almost as cool as Mega Pirhana. Which I’ve seen. Pirhanas grow to enormous size and leap out of water. Into buildings. *honest*

    How awesome would it be if a team had the Predator as the mascot?!? Think of the logo, the awesome t-shirt, the crazy felt hats with those dreadlocks.


    • kimyshnl Reply

      The south is definitely full of hotties!! Hello Nashville!! I think it’s that southern charm. Mmm… yes..

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