Hockey Memories of Section 8

As a hockey fan living in New England, it is virtually impossible not to be a fan of or follow college hockey.  After all, Hockey East is arguably THE most competitive conference in Division I college hockey.  Since 1993, Hockey East teams have won 7 National Championships (and the last 3 in a row!) Can you say “Domination”?

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

When I was an undergraduate at Boston University, my winter social life pretty much revolved around the Terriers’ hockey schedule.  Hockey game, party on West Campus, recover, rinse, repeat.  I sat in Section 8 of the old Walter Brown Arena, where the seating bowl was weirdly elevated so that when I stood up from my 2nd row seats, my head was completely above the board.  While definitely unsafe (errant puck to the head, anyone?), it did make for an unimpeded vocal corridor right to the opposing team’s…goalie.

Section 8 was especially adept at taunting these poor souls.  We had a knack for coming up with very creative insults and epitaphs to hurl at the visitor’s goalie.  My personal favorite (coined by some drunk dude in the 4th row) – “Your grandmother doesn’t love you.”  Another favorite wast the “Ugly Goalie” chant.  [Every time the opposing goalie would take off his mask, our crowd would yell “UGLY GOALIE!” over and over again.  Then when he’d put his mask back on, the crowd would cheer “YAY!”]

Random?  Yes.

Juvenile?  Maybe.

Effective?  You betcha.

You make her feel shame. Disappointment and shame.


On more than one occasion, an opposing goalie would hear one of these jeering affronts and quizzically look to his right.  Yeah, that’s right, buddy.  We’re talking about you.


The team has since departing the charming Walter Brown and moved into the swanky Agganis Arena.  The seats are more comfortable and less precariously situated.  Section 8 has morphed into 2 spirited student sections at each end of the ice, but the cheers remain as lively and clever as ever.  I’ve been a  season ticket holder since my undergraduate years (minus a 4 year stint when I was living in LA) and I don’t think that I will every give up my seats.

College hockey is too special to give them up.  Special because you get to see players grow and develop.  You see their progression from skinny 4th-line  freshman to Hobey Baker finalist to NHL star.  College hockey is an imperfect game.  The goalie is not going to make every save.  The forward is not always going to score on the breakaway.  The defensemen is not always going to land that perfectly timed hip check.

But it is because of these imperfections of the college game that make it so enjoyable to watch. You feel like are a part of something just on the brink.  You are witness to these players on the edge of the diving board, ready to make the leap into the deep end of the hockey pool.

I, for one, cherish this and it makes me proud to be a college hockey fan.

No, no. Thank you!

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  1. Oh my, Section 8. I have the BEST photo of me, Burns & Jason Allen in various hockey jerseys all looking 12 years old and stuffed with nacho cheese. I shall find someday and post for you.

    PS: I miss Sasquatch.

    • Chuck Reply

      Please do! That would be awesome! Ah, we were so young and innocent then…

      I saw Sasquatch once at a game. He lost like 150lbs but is still insanely hairy.

    • Oyster Reply

      Kornacki worked for Sasquatch at the Alumni Fund and quit his job to come to dinner at the GSU. True story. Then I impersonated Sasquatch on the phone (using a t-shirt over the mouthpiece to disguise my voice) in an effort to get him to come back to work. It almost worked. He’s insanely gullible.

      Now he’s an important political analyst. Joke’s on me.

      I hated sitting in Section 8 and having to stand the whole game. And as much as I miss Sasquatch, I don’t miss the idiot in the BC Sucks ’02 jersey who used to yell at the refs like he was at at EPL match.

      P.S. I may look 12 in that picture but I’m also 40 pounds lighter. Advantage: 1997.

      • Chuck Reply

        Still can’t get over that people actually listen to things that Kornacki says. He’s all important and junk.

        Shannon and I certainly didn’t listen to him when we ditch broomball for Westlife.

  2. Brittany Reply

    I love this entry. I graduated from Miami University, another huge college hockey school, and going to the games defined my entire college career. We also yelled “Sieve” and “Ugly goalie.” In fact, the national championship was snatched from our trembling hands by BU two years ago. Ouch…

    • Chuck Reply

      Hey Brittany –
      Thanks for the comment! It makes us all too happy to know that people other than our 5 friends read this blog. If I am being honest, Miami (OH) deserved to win that game. They played so well but Jack Parker and Terriers turned up to 11 when it really mattered and score those 2 quick goals. I was at a bar near Fenway Park, standing in a corner, watching the game with a few friends. When they won, we lost it. Screaming, jumping, hugging. It was magical.

      Despite this victory, we still hope you continue to read our blog. 🙂

  3. Deanna Reply

    I’ve been following this blog for little while but haven’t commented yet. I HAD to comment on this post though, because I definitely believe being a college hockey fan is something special. I grew up watching Northern Michigan University and yelling at opposing refs and goalies [the time my dad stopped being ‘that guy’ who yelled at goalies was when I started doing it at age 3 or 4, he didn’t need me repeating what he said ;)], and now I do the same at the University of Michigan. I don’t think there will ever be a time I don’t follow college hockey!

    We also do the “Ugly Goalie” chant, and when our goalie takes his mask off we chant “Handsome Goalie” and all go “awww” when he puts it back on. Just a little ego boost for them haha

    • Chuck Reply

      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! We feel validated that we are writing something that people enjoy reading.

      “Handsome Goalie” – I like that one!

  4. chelski Reply

    As a BU alum, I can’t tell you how happy I am to come across your blog!

    Catching up on the archives and loving it all!

    BTW, I was THERE for the 2009 win vs. Miami. I still get chills and cannot believe I saw it all in person.

    And I’m a season ticket holder for the Caps and LOVE LOVE LOVE the Mikey Mondays.

    thank you and GO BU!

    • Hey Chelski!

      Welcome! GO BU! Both Pants and I are BU alums (COM ’01). You can thank Pants for Mikey Mondays. Those are all hers. 🙂 She’s slightly in lurve with him.