Oops. Did I Do That?

Not a good weekend for some goalies. Tim Thomas ended up watching this one go straight down the five hole LITERALLY. Which was a complete oddity given that Timmy the Tank was playing so well. When I saw it happen live I was screaming at the TV and Mr. Cherrie because I had sent him to kitchen to get me a throw-back Pepsi (god I love those thing – next back thing to main lining pure chocolate!) God Bless instant-replay but for the love of all things Canadian, the people who do those always pull the feed that show the fat fan jumping into the frame at the crucial moment! WHY?!?

Anyway, you could see that Thomas couldn’t believe it either. It was like in a movie where you see the good guy screaming “Nooooooo!” is slow motion but this time there was no diving to save the pretty girl. Only Timmy standing there like every one else, watching Peter Puck waving adios as he slid by, waving a fine how do you do as he tapdanced over the goal line tallying the first goal for Montreal. It was a pretty amazing game but Chara starting playing rock ’em sock ’em robots at the end and I don’t know why he didn’t get a suspension. He was popping Canadiens WITH his gloves on left and right like it was groundhogs day! (see goal at about 1:20 mark)

The LA King’s goalie Jonathan Quick started out having an awesome day but with a freak squeak it started a landslide of swarming blue jackets and he almost lost it for my sweet Drew, AKA, touched by God, Doughty. But it did give a kid his first NHL goal – Calvert which is a good thing but it also gave Columbus some momentum and the Kings almost lost the game after a 4-0 lead!

BUT – on to the happiest news of the weekend – BESIDES the last part of the post to come – Martin Brodeur who was playing BACK-UP, no that is no a typo, was put in net for New Jersey this weekend and although he didn’t win the game, he didn’t implode. He got the start for the next game and they WON!  Not only did they win, he went for the holy grail for goalies, a GOAL! He didn’t get it but he got an ASSIST! Mr. Cherrie was so excited he about peed his pants. He LIVES for that moment in hockey when goalies try for that.


Lastly, Ovi returned to true form this weekend and I had to blink repeatedly because I SWEAR I was rewatching an old game which I have resorted to doing. I miss watching him score, so to pull myself out of the grumpy grumps, I rewatched the Caps 10 greatest game pack.  That would make 7 games to watch. So I got a little confused – was it live or was it memorex? And it was LIVE BABY! WAHOO! YAY!

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  1. I am kind of stoked about the love of my life…sorry…stalkee…nope, still not right…FAVORITE HOCKEY PLAYER scoring both of those goals :D. Cass LOVES.

    Still can’t believe we gave away a 2 goal lead though. But weirdly is hurt less that if it was, say, the Caps, or worse, the F*****s.

  2. Forgot something….


    Do love. Met him last year. He’s AWESOME! Told him I thought his medal was the wrong color, but if ANYONE tells Sid/Bergy/Blue-Blue-Eyes/Team Canada/Canadian Immigration that I will deny it. I was honestly supporting Team Canada. I have the BELIEVE hat to prove it… But he looked just…just…just so saaaad when I mentioned the medal. Become Canadian Timmy!

  3. I wanted Thomas to get a goal so badly! When goalies score it’s the most awesome of awesomeness.

    Bonus points for titling a post with an Urkel quote.

  4. dawncherrie Reply

    I just couldn’t believe me goalie luck this weekend but we all know who much I love them and to see so much action – was AWESOME! sad that it went the wrong way – but it was fun! But I’m beginning to think I am the only LA Kings fan in the world. Totes excited about the Legend weekend on Saturday – Rogie Vachon! OMG!!!!!!

    • You are the only Kings fan in the world. When I lived there I could barely bring myself to go. I would say that everyone in LA hates everything about LA, but that wouldn’t explain the Lakers.