To Concuss Or Not To Concuss?

Did Slewfoot Sid get his bell rung in the WC from Steckel or did he get it the next night during SCOREFEST 2011? That is the TOPIC THUNDER-GATE TODAY! Either way, the kid is down and out and snuggling with the Flower for a week and the Penguins have a big PR problem on their hands. If they KNEW Sid had a GPS problem and couldn’t locate the puck and played him anyway against the Lightning, that’s a big NO-NO. Who would take their mint vintage Barbie out of the box and use it when they don’t need to? It wasn’t a play-off game! But the Pens are sticking to their story that he was fine, domo arigato, Mr. Roboto!

You make the call… either way, Sid, you gotta toughen up kid, this is the NHL and dudes are gonna hit you. XXOO

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  1. The NHL has been talking a lot about cumulative effects of concussion on players. So if Sid was still recovering from a non-quite concussion inducing hit in the WC and got another against TB, they could add together to equal the mild concussion they’re claiming he has now.

    According to the guys on NHL Overtime last night, there’s a lot of pressure by the League to evaluate every player after every hit to the head, even if he seems perfectly fine, so they can rate how big a hit it would take on the next go-round to give him a concussion-grade injury.

    Nice to see them taking pains to protect the players. Not every guy on the ice is as big an investment as Sid, so it would be easier for them to rack up the hits and pretend they’re fine.

  2. dawncherrie Reply

    But why take a chance with your star player? They OBVIOUSLY didn’t need him for that game! Let him sit out and rest if there is even a CHANCE he might be hurt. A head injury is nothing to mess with. I would hate to see this have any lasting affect on him.

  3. OK, so here’s the verdict from the nursing jury…

    First off, when I watched the replay of the game, the hit Sid took to the head may have been a mild one, but it was still the same kind of hit Savard took from Cookie last March.

    Second – he was quite obviously dazed in the locker room after the hit and should never have gone back on the ice. And Steckel should have been penalized and that hit under review for possible suspension.

    AND – if John and Jane Doe have evaluation after head injuries in the ER, then hockey players should do, equipment notwithstanding. From these UK cheap seats, it looks like they’re taking the kind of shots that have a similar effect to minor car crashes (and I should know).

    I was in such a car crash and I felt honestly fine after it. However, it was two days later that I stared feeling very strange, fuzzy and not quite with it. My GP had already warned me I might be suffering from a concussion. Cue mild balance, judgement and spatial issues. This is probably what happened to Sid. And he took a harder hit.
    They said his ankle has taken a boo-boo as well.

    Sorry for the long comment – I’m just a bit A-1 hot on head injuries (neuro experience) and I’ve seen the aftermath.

    PS If Sid gets sick of Flower, I’ll volunteer my home nursing skills.

    • dawncherrie Reply

      I completely agree they should not have played Sid after the hit in the WC. I understand WHY they did. I don’t agree with it. But they should NEVER played him against the Lightning. Head injuries are serious period. And I think it’s sad they used Sid’s desire to play, against him and put him out there. I hope Sid has matured enough to put his future and health first and play when he is completely healthy. It’s hard though. He’s a competitor.

      • I recommend using some of his teammates to handcuff him, gag him, tie him to Bylsma’s office chair and lock him in the nearest janitor’s closet if he keeps trying to leave the Dr’s office.

        I love Sid, but like, Sidney, seriously??