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Stamkos vs. Crysby TONIGHT

Pick your side and step right up to snorefest, I mean, SCOREFEST 2011! It’s Slewfoot Sid verses stampeding Stamkos! One night only! Not really but it sounds good since they will be playing each other again but when you have two scoring machines like these two *ouch* my – fingers – cramping – sorry – Ovi – must- continue –  I can’t help it you are in a scoring slump dammit! – I wish I was writing about yet another impossible goal but instead I’m writing this, so shut up and let me finish.


Tonight MAX TALBOT will be cockblocking for Sid and the Flower will try not to wilt under the glorious lazerbeam accuracy that is Stamkos and the little munchkin who foiled Ovi and the Caps last night, Martin St. Louis (I only wish there was audio to say his name)! Plus, they picked up 41 year old (ancient by hockey standards)  goal tender Roloson from the NY Islanders and if his game against the Caps last night is any indication, then Stevie Yzerman is a fricken Swamie!


My prediction, it will end much like the Ovi/ Stamkos showdown last night: goose egg to goose egg and Fleury will have to make something else for Sid for breakfast.

So place your bets because they, choke, do have better numbers than my beloved Russian Machine, so far this year, although the year is not over. And I did call Vancouver for the West Coast half of the Stanley Cup!  So let’s hear from you all because I pick neither tonight!

UPDATE: Stamkos: goose egg  Crosby: one assist but no goal. I almost called it but I did call the SCOREFEST with the Penns slamming the Lightening 8-1! Holy Cow! Lecavalier must have been dreaming of his snugglefest with Green(everyone wants a piece!) last night and been plain worn out with some late night lovin’! And I bet Backstrom and Stamkos did a little swedish fishing and greek dancing too! Who wouldn’t?! Can you imagine how cute their kids would be? Let this be a lesson to the Lightening, “No matter how adorable the Caps are, don’t let them take you out after the game! No matter how luring Ovi’s BOOM may be!”

Stamkos also caught a case of the Greenies:

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