Mikey Monday

Mike was a little quiet during the Winter Classic, but not surrounding the Winter Classic.  In fact, he orchestrated getting a friend on the ice for the family skate to propose to his girlfriend!  How cute is that?! [Story]

We watched the game at Giordano Bros. in SF, our fave Pittsburgh bar.  I had to stuff my hat in my mouth when this interview came on.  [Video]

I see you looking.

WUYS BFF Cassy posted this is comments, but I have to call it to the front.  New favorite thing ever?  When Mike and Nikky just tell each other how cute they are.

Breaking News: I am going to the Capitals vs. Senators game in DC on 1/16.  Mr. Pants has agreed to go with me.  Stay tuned for the carnage.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    Thx for the shoutout – I just thought it needed to be brought to your attention forthwith.

    Is Mr Pants on Twitter? I ask because I think those of us who know and love you Pants would love the running commentary of you climbing the barriers and heading out onto the ice after Fidget…:D

    I’m sure you’ll be fine tho – I’ve seen the Bruins twice, once right next to the glass and I managed not to leap over and tackle Bergy. Although I did get some awesome ass shots. And I am still sure he dropped to the ice about 12 foot in front of me ON PURPOSE.

    Love Fidget’s smile. *Big girly sigh*. And although I am gutted, I’m actually kinda stoked Brooks has a GF. He had such a lovely smile on his face as he skated with her hand in hand. It was an awwww moment. I can be magnanimous.

    And one of these days, it’ll be you and me going to DC for games. Any games. Things are going well with Mr Md!!

    • Mr. Pants is not on Twitter – I think my running commentary is quite enough for him in real life.

      I’ve seen Sid and the Pens 5 times now and managed to hold it together. Mostly. It almost got criminal in Atlanta. 😉

      I’ll have to do okay in DC or it’ll be the Homeland Security holding cell for me.

      • Cassy Reply

        If I still have any money left, I’ll bail you out.

        Unless I see Mr Blue-Blue Eyes. Then I’m in there with you playing cards until they deport me and never allow me in the country again… 😀

  2. Cristelle Reply

    I love Giordano Bros & your blog!