Here's Your Prize

Okay, the Caps won the Winter Classic.  Hissssssssssssss.  I got over it by watching this.  Unless you plan on ever getting in a car with Nicklas Backstrom (Warning: Don’t.  Scary u-turns ahoy.), you can skip to 3:52 for the best interview ever.

The Capitals are all in LOVE with each other.  It’s kinda cute.  Brooks Laich has obviously been drinking, probably doing shots with himself for how freaking hot he is.  Nik is giggling like a school girl and they’re razzing Mikey so bad that he put on a hot mess of a hat.

I could/will watch this a hundred times.

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  1. Swammy says Brooks will end up with a TV career commentating/interviewing when his hockey days come to an end. Either that, or I’ll snap him up to be my house husband :D.

    Thx Pants

    PS Found this and thought it should be brought to your attention. Kinda keeps going with the whole “grooming” thing.

  2. Brooks is hot. Therefore he’s probably permanently pissed. Love how he’s trying to keep between Nicky and Fidget and how Nicky keeps leaning (did you see the pout??)