Go Play Outside

The ‘stache is gone. Hallelujah. [Video]

Gillette picked the wrong guy.

Somebody looks like a sleepy puppy.  Also, I really like this sweatshirt.  Not a great sign that it’s all he needs to wear outside in December, but hey.  They skated and the game is on (for now).


Bonus: Jordan lost the shootout and had to run to the upper deck.  Did he have to adjust his cup ten times during the interview? You decide. [Video]

Room with a view.

Totally gratuitous bonus: Mike Green interview.  My team-based loyalties are NOT being tested by his ridiculous adorkableness.  Not at all.  [Video]  And Mike talks about spending New Years Eve with Backstrom.  WELL OBVIOUSLY.  Mike, you’re not making it easy for me to defend you, you know?  Stealing Ovi’s boyfriend is low.

Wear your mittens, Mikey.

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  1. Cassy Reply

    OK so top moment for me – THW ‘TACHE IS GAWN! Hallelujah indeed!
    Second moment: Little Sid and his goal scoring celebration – awww cute
    Jordan’s cup adjusting – yeah, he totally had to do that LOL.
    And… I almost feel sorry for Ovi. Almost. But, that’s like the whole holiday season he’s spent with Nicky. Aww. Think Brooks is feeling jealous? Cause I’ll comfort him 😀