24/7 Episode 3: "Girls love."

I had no one to yell/text/tweet to last night while watching 24/7.  The vase in my living room, however, is a huge hockey fan.  You can watch the whole show online at Youtube 247NHL.  Sadly for Dawn, Ovi kept his pants on the whole time.  Huzzah for the rest of us.  Highlights!

Ben Lovejoy’s face.  How many needle-in-the-skin closeups can we have?  I almost barfed.  And the poor guy had to get on the plane knowing it would swell?  Crosby laughing at him was priceless: “Woah, Benny.”  Lovejoy had the best deadpan reaction shot since My Big Fat Greek Wedding, “Can you tell I got hit?”  Someone get Ben a Baby Ruth and a pirate ship. [Photo Credit]

Rocky Road!

Malkin’s one liners.  He makes Lovejoy feel better by telling him, “Girls love” the messed up face.  Geno knows.

Mike Rupp’s Christmas. That elf outfit was outdone only when Rupper looked at his daughter’s pink razor scooter and asked, “If I get one of those, it it like Mike Green’s thing he had?”  Oooooh, burn.

Brooks Laich close-ups. You’ll hear Cassy screaming from the UK when she sees this one… those are some blue, blue eyes.

Don't it make your brown eyes...

Pens vs. Caps, Round 1.  Simply amazing to see so much behind-the-scenes from both sides of the game.  The intermission pep talks were the best.  And inside the replay office in Toronto – that was fantastic.

Sidney hits puberty with the F-bomb.  I picture this like the scene in A Christmas Story when Ralphie curses in front of his dad.  Crosby got so mad his voice cracked and I almost choked on my drink.  We are fired up!   Mike knocks Sid down,  and he yells, “Fuck you, Green.”  But the real show is at 13:35 here:

Bruce Boudreau’s food cravings in the mall.  You all do it, don’t judge.

Mike Green in a suit. There are two 2-second clips, but if this were VHS I would have worn them out.

Holy Canada.

Jordan Staal’s hair.  I want him back so badly that I’ll take it.  But he’s gonna look like Lady Gaga soon.  I can’t even bring myself to post a photo of it.

– I’m buying a silver car and naming it Disco Dan.  It can shovel, dance AND carve a turkey.

Poker Face.

I am so pumped for Saturday.  There will be tears if the weather screws up the Winter Classic.  Come on, Mother Nature.  Please.

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  1. Less screaming, more glazed eyed looking at the screen. Let’s face it, there was a LOT of Brooks to love in that episode. He’s just so..so…so….Brooksy. 😀

    Loving the Nicky-Fidget Bromance; right down to Mike meeting the family and spending Christmas Swedish style. Awww. Coincidence that it’s Nicky that hugs Mike from behind during that goal? I think not.

    Can I also say the soundtrack was awesome too? And the looks Disco was giving Sid ROFL when the kid was dishing out shoot-out advice. I’d like Disco to be MY Dad. Actually I kind of wish Coach Julien was my Dad and Asst Coach Ward was my uncle, but…

    PS Pls explain the Brown cow expression thingy. Pls. LOL

    • You know in old movies when there’s a hot girl and they play the sound effect “bowchickabowwow”? Well that’s Brown Chicken, Brown Cow. Or at least how we’ve always tried to class it up. Because that’s us: classy.

      Poor Fidget, he just likes to hug! I’d hug him! And I’d totally hit up a Swedish Christmas dinner, that looked delicious. Even if everyone wore hats at the table (rude!).

  2. Cassy Reply

    Yes but what does it mean???

    Btw – don’t think I would be able to stop myself from getting hands-y with Fidget.

    Just sayin’.

    PS – I think Brooks has an HBO fan club or the editor is a woman/gay, cause how much airtime is he getting!? Like, it’s the Brooks show with a bit of hockey 😀

    Do love. Also the snowglobe 🙂

    • Go to Youtube and search for the “Let’s Get it On” video. or “Futuresex/Lovesounds” by Justin Timberlake. Or anything by Color Me Badd (right, Chuck?). These embody the idea of Brown Chicken, Brown Cow. It basically means, in the immortal words of Pitbull, “I know you want me, You know I want you.”

      • Aaah – now I get it. Thx. That Pitbull song?

        *Evil grin*. Won’t say what I’m thinking right now. Better not leave me unattended in a room with ANY on my list. That’s all I’m saying.

        PS You ignored then hands-y comment Pants??? LOL

  3. chelski Reply

    Finally got to see episode 3 last night and wanted to let y’all (esp. Pants) know that Mikey’s parents were also at the Nicky Swedish Christmas. My future parents-in-law looked incredibly…..Canadian. And boo on the Yankees hat.